Black as Blood

Delirium, insanity and ambiguity

That's where she resides, presiding over her kingdom of fantasies and lies

Her friends are all there, watching and praising her

The entirety of her existence all comes down to one aspect

She will waltz with the prince of dreams as the maiden of the sky

Her family guard their precious, princess of a daughter

Locked in her pale tower with the single window in her wedding dress made of clouds

There she awaits her charming prince of dreams through day and night

Still, each night that comes and thrice that goes she finds herself dancing through stars of varying delight with her prince of dreams

They dance a dance of light and life, despair and death and so much more

Until light rains down in beams of light onto the floor

At which she returns to the heart of the kingdom she finds so sacred and holds so dearly

With hindsight they'll realise what she sees so clearly

The endless fantasy of a living dream echoes in her mind

She hears the softly spoken murmurs that she's yet to truly define

She will sit there, day after day, in waiting for the skies to deliver unto her the prince she awaits

They listen for her murmurs and whines and those are her greatest mistakes

For as long as she utters even a whisper of a sound the tower will stay in place

It will stand until she gives way and the written words are black as blood and without the deserving grace

Author's Note: This is about a girl in a mental asylum. Locked up in her straight jacket and living in her dreams.