MY Last Breath

My life flashes before my eyes

The Joy and laughter, the pain the cries

Happy moments with the ones I love

But I Know I will see them up above

All the things leading up to my death

I think about with my last breath


Life is like a game but no one wins

It's about how you play it from when it begins

There are no rules or guides for you

You can do anything you want all the way through

Some games have cheat code but this one does no

There are no second tries because one life is all you got

Everyone's a player even people you don't meet

But still with players there's no one to beat

There are many paths for you to take

And many more for you to make

Life is like a game but no one can win or lose

The end of the game is whatever you chose


To tell the truth I envy the blind

Not their blindness but their open mind

To not be able to judge by first sight

They get to know a person in a whole new light

I'm not saying being blind is a good thing

I'm just pointing out one quality it may bring

Since people who are blind have no sight of their own

They have to rely on personality alone

I'm not saying you have to be blind to know who people really are

I'm not saying you have to be blind to not judge from afar

It's just that your sight can fool you

And not judging a person may be a hard thing to do


If you had a dream what would you do

Would you throw it away or make it come true

Would you work hard and try your best

To put that dream to the test

Would you take every opportunity

To make that dream a reality

Would you let that dream slip through your hands

Or would grasp it and make great plans

Would you Believe in the discouragement of someone else

Or would you ignore them and just believe in yourself

When things get rough will you quit

Or will you never give up no matter how hard things get

Many people have dreams but don't follow them through

So think about what you're going to do

Will you be a dreamer until you die

Or will you catch your dream and not let it past by

Here are some words of advice

Dreams are so much better when they come to life


A birthday is more than a celebration

Each year forms a new creation

Each year you change from who you were before

You grow up and mature more

We may not notice but everyday

We all change in our own way

Our parents silently watch us grow

Waiting for the time when they have to let us go

But until then they know they have to prepare

Us for the world out there

A birthday represents a whole new you

And many changes you will go through

In the Dark is where I stay

In the dark is where I stay

Until the night turns to day

No one's here I'm all alone

In the darkness on my own

There is no light there's nothing to see

It's just the darkness and me

I cannot run I've already tried

And in the darkness there's nowhere to hide

So here I sit as I close my eyes

But then I hear a voice to my surprise

"Wake up" "Wake up" is what is said

I just ignore it thinking it's all in my head

But when I open my eyes I find that, that voice was my mother's

And I'm still in my bed under the covers

In my mind I celebrate because I know

When the light come the darkness has to go

Because in the dark is where I stay

Until night turns to day


Love is such a complicated emotion

It requires such a powerful devotion

Some people confuse it with a crush

But love is an emotion you cannot rush

You can't just wake up and say

"I'm going to fall in love today"

It's a something that we can't describe

It's that funny feeling inside

I can't speak for everyone else

Because I've never been in love myself

But from what I see and what I hear

Love can be something you look forward to or fear

Looking forward to the day you can say "I Love you"

Looking forward to the day you say "I Do"

Then There's fear that, that day will never happen to you

Fear of all the fights you will go through

Fear of the words that will be spoken

Fear of your heart being broken

But with love that is to be expected

love is either accepted or rejected

When we are kids we think love has a fairy tale ending

But sometimes the end is just the beginning

As cliché as is it sounds it's like there's a test

To see if your love conquers the rest

But hey, this is only one opinion besides who really knows

How this crazy feeling we call love goes

Later in life when I think I've figured it out

I'll tell you what I think love is about

Stars in Sky

I reach out my hand just to try

To reach all the stars in the sky

I Almost wish I could take each one and put it in a jar

So I wouldn't have to watch from a far

Those twinkling stars light up the night

They're so small yet so bright

When I say almost I bet you're wondering why

Why I Almost wish to own all the stars in the sky

It's because when we get something it's not the same as before

It doesn't have the same value anymore

The star's beauty is something I would no longer see

It'd just be another object that belonged to me

So I put my hand down and sigh

As I gaze up at all the stars in the sky

Just There


A four letter word that can mean so much

But what is it really

There are different types of love

Romantic, Friendship family and a love for something you do

In a way love destroys us it breaks us

When you lose someone you love you lose that part of you weather small or big

That love can never be replaced but you always have space for more

A love for someone could also drive us over the edge

There is saying that love makes you do crazy and stupid things

Most people don't understand the meaning behind that

Crazy and stupid things

Just how crazy and stupid

You may here in some books or movies that someone had killed them self over love

Sometimes you want to ask why

Why throw away your life because of someone else

You could never understand until that happens to you

Because no matter how many times you hear and read about it

That is something you could only truly understand from experience

What other way does love destroy us

How about a love for something

A love for sports

Someone else might love to sing

But others love to kill or power

When that happens love is something entirely different

It's not a good thing, but in the end it's still a form of love

Not all love destroys us in fact it saves us

If there was no love then you'd feel alone

If all of a sudden your parents left you and all your friends stopped caring…. Then what

Love keeps us together and yet it breaks us apart

It can be good and yet bad

It can last forever and it can die

It can make us happy and sad

It can make us do crazy or stupid things

It has no real definition

Love is love and no matter how many ways it's formed in

It destroys us but we need it