Your Love After You Wake Up (Mar 1)

The sun after you wake up is cold.
And it's not like I can hold its heat in my hands, no.
It vanishes away and goes somewhere else,
because the sun is ever moving through the world.
Its love can reach all the places in our soul.

I can't feel the sun, mom.
You told me to put on a sweater and I didn't know.
Now I'm freezing to death.

Hey, don't worry about it, man.
We can always go somewhere warm, like your heart.
So could you please make space for mine?

No, there's no space left for you.
It's all filled up with grief and pain
so you just better get the hell away.

Your love after you wake up is numb.
It's not like I can touch its feelings with my eyes, no.
It vanishes away and goes somewhere else,
because your love is always moving through your soul.
I just hope that you can express it to the world.

Welcome to The Uneventful March. We're kicking it off with the 60th poem! Yay!

Anyways, I'm pretty sure you know the deal if you've been following this, so no pointless chit-chatting. Let's get Month III started, then.