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Chapter 10: Just how different am I?

Evan intertwined his and Alex fingers as he lead him in the direction of the kitchen but Alex barely noticed he was to busy trying to make sense of the situation. Great after all that time he spent (three minutes he would never get back) thinking about being changed into a vampire he never thought about what he really was. Sure he knew Rhine, Jessica, Mark, Jen, Luke, and Lily were vampires but they were full fledged vampires not the half that Evan was, but what did that make him? A human turned vampire? Or was he also a half vampire like Evan? He didn't really feel any different than when he was human, his heart was still beating not as fast as usual but the slow thump in his chest said he was still alive. Did pure blood vampires' heart beat? His seeing didn't really change only that he didn't need to squint when he look at something far away and his smelling picked up the faint smells but it seemed to dull. Like smelling a wilted rose, the smell was there but not as strong as it should be. And if it wasn't for the fact the burns and the hole in his chest were gone he wouldn't think he changed at all. Idea's and questions ran through his mind and bounded off the walls he was to busy thinking he didn't notice Evan was talking to him until he was shook.

"Sorry I wasn't listening"

"I said you need a shower" Evan tilted his head to the side; they were standing next to a closed door that Alex took as the bathroom. He felt a small smile tug at his lips but then he started to think of the condition he was in he quickly shook the thoughts out his head

"And you need to get laid" Evan raised a brown eyebrow

"Is that an offer?"

"You wish" Alex escaped into the bathroom before more words were said. Evan sighed from the other side of the door before he broke it down when Alex screamed bloody murder.

"What's wrong?" Alex was leaned over the sink his face mere inches from the mirror that hung there, his eye were wide and staring at his reflection. The steel gray ones he grew up with were replaced by copper colored ones and his canines were longer than a human should be, hanging over his bottom row of teeth and from the looks of it he bit himself. The red liquid dripped from his lower lip and down his chin, finally landing on the granite counter top. Evan gripped the wall trying to stop himself from walking over to the other tempting the lick up the trial of blood. Alex finally noticed Evan was in the room when he heard the sound of something being crushed

"Sorry, I just got scared that's all" Evan crossed the room and pulled Alex to his chest

"Never be afraid of what you are."

"But what the hell am I?" Alex turned away from the other tears stung his eyes. Great he picks now to start get emotional "I'm not full blooded like Rhine, hell I'm not even half vampire like you so please tell me what I am because I'm damn sure not human anymore" Alex wasn't mad, not by a long shoot everything was just now setting in. Amy was dead, he hoped John was dead, and Vicky and victor were caught up in this mess

"Please don't regret this" Regret? Why would he regret this not like he could go back in time and change the event that took place. Like that night Nite Crawlers when David first walked up to him he should have just left or he could have stayed when Evan went all vampire hulk on him. But none of that mattered there was nothing he could do about it now all he could do is more forward at a agonizingly slow pace

"I'm not…I'm just confused. One day I'm working at a café then the next I got shot, had a talk with my child self, and turned into a random creature of fiction" Evan wont lie the fact that the man he loved just called him a fictional creature cut deep but he was okay with that…for on.

"Do you really want to know what you are?" Alex looked up at the other gave a curt nod "Mine. You're mine weather you're a human or one of those fictional creatures you love talking about." Evan licked the trail of blood from his chain to a plump lower lip and ended it with kiss.

"Fine, but you have to say you love me" Alex blushed at his own words earning a rough laugh from the other, god he loved that laugh.

"I Love you" Evan kissed Alex forehead before he crushed the other to his body, finding joy in the fact he could hold his sweet little Alex like this forever

The end

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