House Of The Rising Sun

A large sign in the front entrance read "Angel Sanctuary Orphanage."

As I stepped inside, waves of memories began to resurface. They were neither pleasant nor unpleasant. Yet I could not deny their significance and the power they held over me. Even after ten long years, this place still haunted my dreams.

The large, dark portraits. The faded grey wallpaper. The smell of food that constantly plagued the minds of starving children. Exactly the way I had left it.

I walked into the receptionist area.

A young woman with faded blue eyes sat behind the desk. In our younger days, her eyes used to sparkle so brightly. What a hateful creature time was-robbing them of their youth, their innocence, their beauty.

"Icarus." Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

She seemed surprised, seeing me in person. I supposed it's one thing to hear about something, and another, to grasp the reality of it for yourself. Maria had never been one to believe in rumours.

"Maria," I greeted politely.

An awkward silence filled the room.

So many things left unsaid. Maybe some words were better left unspoken.

After all the past was nothing but memories now.

I vaguely snapped myself out of my thoughts.

I was here on business, I reminded myself, scornfully.

"Did you get my message?" I broke the uncomftorable silence.

"Yes, I did."

"And they are here?" I responded quickly, eagerness in my voice.

She paused and looked thoughtful for a minute. "What do you want with them, Icarus?"

Her habit of sticking her nose into other people's business irked me sometimes.

I thought about her question and considered my answers thoughtfully.

"I'm taking them home," It was the simplest answer. The best answer. "To the Astors."

"I don't understand. Why-?"

"You don't have to understand," I snapped coldly. "The Astors' affairs are none of your concern."

I ignored the hurt look that crossed her face.

"Here are the adoption papers." I handed her the papers.

She took the papers form my hands, but the whole time she was looking at me. She searched in my eyes and I knew what she wanted to find.

Regret. Guilt. Sorrow.

Anything to prove her wrong.

She looked way, disappointed.

"You've changed, Icarus." Her voice was soft, barely a whisper.

"And you're still the same."

"The children are in The Office."A soft whisper.

I made my way to The Office, eager to get away.

A small hand grabbed my wrist.

"Icarus. Don't let these children be another one of their pawns."

Azure eyes bore into mine.

An image of the three of us, running across endless fields of green. September night. A crying voice begging me not to go. A heavy gate closing.

I avoided her gaze. "I can't promise you that."

I was not one to make false promises.

"I understand." She did not persist on

"Goodbye Icarus." She had on a poker face.


I looked at her one final time, knowing that I would not be back here again.

Triple three. The office.

Ah, yes.

This place again.

I vaguely recalled the last time I was here.

I was eight years old again-thrilled by the prospect of being adopted, to leave this colourless building and verge into the outside world. As a child, I had always wanted something more. There was this constant, indescribable thirst for something I could not quite explain. I was dissatisfied with just leading an ordinary existence. Then I met the Astors...

The door jerked open, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Two pairs of crimson eyes stared back at me.

To say that they were adorable or cute was an understatement.

They possessed an alluring beauty that was exceptional even among the Astors.

For a moment, I just stood there, mesmerized.

Sharp, hypnotic eyes bore back at me curiously. Strands of pitch black tresses against her snow white skin framing her oval shaped face.

How is it possible for a seven year old to be so breathtakingly beautiful?

"You must be Icarus." Her voice was soft, angelic. One hand clutched tightly onto her teddy bear, the other locked onto her brother's. "You're here to take us away."

"Indeed I am" I quickly regained my composure.

"Icarus Reid, here to escort you home, Mistress and Master Astor" I straightened up, took off my hat, and gave then a courtesy bow.

"Where is home?" Her brother asked, in a monotone voice.

He was the splitting image of his sister, with the exception of his eyes.

His eyes were a shade darker. "No one wants us."

The only thing worse than having dead parents, for a child, was having ones that didn't give a shit about you.

I felt bad for them. I really did.

But there was nothing I could do for them.

"The Astors want you back."

"Why now? Why would our father want us back suddenly?" Benneath his monotone voice, there was anger, suspicion.

"I'm merely following orders." I explained simply. Although I had my own theories regarding their father's intentions, I did not feel compelled to share.

After all, I was just a simple servant.

"It's okay, Fal" His sister said giving him a look.

Her crimson eyes then locked onto mine for a moment, startling me.

She gave me an innocent smile."I trust Icarus."

For a moment, I was baffled by her actions.

But surely it would be foolish to take a seven year so seriously?

"Okay." I was relieved to hear form the boy. "Take us home, Icarus."