Her life is a coincidence of quirky splatters of random happenings

all twined into a single ball of the burdens of dissatisfaction.

She takes it all with a teaspoon of cinnamon and tries not to choke it out,

maintaining most of her composure despite the burn it creates.

She's not sure how her path in life managed a loop-di-loop without her dislodging

but she's highly aware that rollercoasters aren't as safe as they seem.

So, despite her accomplishments and in regards to her stumbles, she's aware

that her life is just one cosmic inside joke haphazardly entwined with the occasionally bug.

(Somewhat like a spider's web but more gooey than sticky and quite a bit more intricacy)

It's astonishing, really that even fully aware as they are of her life

and the clutters of being too pragmatic for the simplicity of reason,

she still has to do homework.