Teacher No More

Three years
of being under you,
and I'd always been in this belief,
that you're the best teacher ever,
because you gave us breaks
and showed us where w were weak,
bringing us through every nit-grit detail
of every single skill and notes,
marking, bolding, highlighting,
everything that will help us
in future tests and examinations,
hoping that we will emerge the top...

Yet it's only today that
your true colour is revealed.
[or is it just my delusion?]
You're cold and mean to
those who'd missed the first train
but still held on to their faith.
You don't give second chances to
those who wake slightly later,
you only accept those who "
grabbed the first opportunity,
and pushed them to excellence,
leaving the rest to drown in
the sea of vexing sweat and tears.

You may not owe us anything,
but you've definitely owed your job
more than the world.
For you've failed your duty
as a guiding light of hope.
But more importantly,
you've defeated the purpose
of yourself being
a teacher.