The Foolish Student

I've had my share
of venting and ranting,
about all the anger
and unfairness I've felt...

But I didn't give you a chance,
to reason for yourself.

I'm ashamed of those thoughts,
which have crossed my mind,
when you first told me
that cutting line.

You just didn't have the time,
to explain and clarify yourself.

I am in grievance,
for all the assumptions made,
about that simple comment,
which you'd not have meant any harm.

All the slogging and slaving for us,
and I focussed but on that one phrase.

I am a failure as a student,
narrow-minded as a Gemini,
useless as a Human,
and short-sighted as a living being.

There may be teachers better than you,
but you're definitely better than all I've known.

Even if I may not become a mentor,
but I'll remember the way you taught us
at the expense of your health,
and how you'd never give up on us no matter how we do.

I may regret a dozen other things,
but I'll never regret that I had always--
Loved your lessons right from the beginning.