Like me

Like me good

Throw some validation

Throw it my way

Drop it on the muddy ground

I'll lick it clean

'Til it reflects my desperate smirk

Just nineteen hours, twenty-five minutes

And a few seconds ago

Life was ours for the flaunting

Now my head's hanging so low

And it's complicated

Complicating my discernment

Of true depth and face-value

So like me good

I'll only be a minute

Like me good

I'm waiting

Sifting through a desert

Of Polaroids, minus the endearment

Just searching, looking


How it all went so wrong

Memories documented

To the last fleck of saliva

You weren't invited, sadness

Get out.

Read my heart, please

There will be a quiz

So you'd be wise

To know me well

Treat me kingly

The tears settle between

My dirty electric fingers

Connections frizzling

But these very walls

Surround you and I alike

Poised to collapse

Crush us

The world is watching

So like me good.