The Mermaid

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Once upon a time, not so long ago actually, there was a mermaid, and her name was Julian.

She was eleven, and she lived in a big castle under the sea with her brother and sister. Her brother's name was Ben, and her sister's name was Andrea.

Julian also lived with her parents, who were the King and Queen of the ocean.

She had a pet too, a dolphin with pretty blue eyes and a bluish grey body. The dolphin's name was Ally, and sometimes she let Julian hold onto her fin and pull her through the water.

One day, as Julian was playing with Andrea and Ally out in the gardens, they saw a big shadow and they looked up.

A strange fish-like thing was swimming toward them through the water. Its skin was shiny, and its eyes were see-though, and Julian could see people in it, but they weren't mermaids, they didn't have tails, they had feet!

"What are they?" Andrea asked, swimming forward a little.

"I don't know, let's go see!" Julian said, and they both swam up to the metal fish. On the side of it were the words: Property of America.

"I think they're called America…" Julian said, reading it off the side.

The people inside, the Americas, looked out at them, their eyes wide in surprise. Andrea laughed, "They look funny!" she said, and Ally laughed too, in the way that dolphins do, blowing bubbles out his nose, and swimming around in circles.

But Julian didn't think they looked funny, she thought they were pretty.

They watched for a while as the humans rushed back and forth, taking pictures and writing notes.

"Come on," Andrea said, holding Julian's hand, "this is boring, let's go see if we can ride one of the sea horses!"

So they swam back to the castle with Ally, but Julian couldn't stop thinking about the Americas.

So she went to the throne room and asked her parents about the strange creatures that called them selves "America".

"I think they're called Dum-Dums," her father the King said, rubbing his chin.

"Yes, I think you're right dear," the Queen said, "They are called Dum-Dums! But you have to stay away from them Julian, they're different from us, they can't swim or breathe in the water like us, promise you won't go near them."

"I promise." Julian said, but she had two fingers crossed behind her back.

That night, Julian and Ben (Ben didn't like to listen to their parents) snuck out of the castle and swam up toward the surface of the water.

They were both bored with their underwater life style, and wanted to try something new. All they ever had to do all day was swim around or clean their rooms and other boring things that grown-ups make kids do.

They could see very well, because the moon was bright. They looked around.

"There's a beach!" Ben said, and he led the way there.

Once they reached the beach, Julian looked around. Then suddenly there was a bright light in the sky. A star was falling.

"Look at that!" Ben said, looking up.

The star had stopped falling right above the beach, and it began to move toward them, rainbow light shining off it.

"It's not a star," Julian said, "It's a fairy!"

The fairy stopped in front of them where they swam in the water.

It had butterfly wings, and they were striped with all the colors of the rainbow, and she had big blue eyes that had no pupil.

"My name is Rosy." She said, "And you, Julian, you want to become a human don't you?"

"What's a human?" Julian asked, "I want to become a Dum-Dum, not a human, what ever that is."

The fairy looked confused. "What? What is a—ohhh!" Rosy laughed, "The Dum-Dums aren't really called Dum-Dums! They're called humans!"

"Oh!" Julian said, "then yes, I do want to become a human! It looks really fun! How do I become a human?"

The fairy smiled, "All you have to do is drink this potion!" she said, pulling a small square shaped bottle that was filled with a shiny pink liquid out of her pocket.

"That's it?" Julian asked, "I don't have to give you anything? Just drink it?"

"Of course my dear, I try to help people so that they can be happy, not for money, here, take this." She handed Julian the bottle.

"But you mustn't drink it before the sun rises, or else it might turn you into something else, like a dog or a cat, and this is the only bottle I had left. You have to promise me you wont drink it until then, okay?"

"I promise!" Julian said.

But then Ben swam forward, "Hey, I want to turn into something too!"

The fairy looked at him, "And what would you like to turn into, Ben?"

Ben thought about it for a moment, "Hmm…" he said, "what if I turn into one of those dogs? Then I can go with Julian!"

"Okay, I can turn you into a dog, you just have to drink this." Rosy said before she pulled a blue bottle out of her pocket and handed it to him.

"But you have to drink that one now, before the sun rises, or you might turn into a human!

Oh, and the potions only last for three days, for you, Julian, as soon as the sun sets on the third day, you will become a mermaid again, and for Ben, it will wear off as soon as the sun rises on the third day." she said.

Then she waved to them and flew back up into the sky to be with the rest of the stars.

Ben and Julian waved back, until they couldn't see her anymore, and then they both swam closer to the beach.

Ben held the blue bottle up to the moon so look through it.

"I wonder if it tastes good," He said thoughtfully before he unscrewed the lip and gulped it down.

A minute passed, nothing had happened.

"I don't think it works—" he stopped suddenly, as his skin began to glow white, like there was moonlight inside him.

The light grew so bright that Julian had to close her eyes, and when she opened them again, Ben was gone.

And swimming in his place was a small dog. With a small bark, the dog began to slowly sink beneath the water, its paws waving through the water as it tried to swim.

Julian quickly swam forward and grabbed the little dog and hugged it to her chest. "Ben! Why can't you swim?" she asked, holding the dog up to her face.

The dog whimpered, and shivered, "I don't know!" Ben's voice sounded strange coming from the mouth of a dog, and Julian laughed.

Ben growled and Julian laughed again.

"Julian I'm cold, get me out of the water before I freeze my tail off!" Ben barked, shivering again.

"Okay, okay, hold your seahorses Ben!"

Then Julian swam toward the beach and set him down in the sand.

"You're going to have to wait here until the sun rises and I get turned into a human." She said.

"Okay." He agreed, lying down on the warm sand and curling up.


As soon as the sun rose, Julian drank the pink potion and immediately she saw her skin begin to glow. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them she looked down at her fish tail, but it was gone!

She now had legs, and she found that it was much harder to swim with legs than with a fish tail, so she paddled her legs and arms toward the beach, probably looking as stupid as Ben had as a dog.

She reached the shallow water that only went up to her waist and stood up.

As soon as she stepped onto the beach with her unsteady legs, a pretty, flowing green sundress appeared on her.

"Oh," she gasped, looking down at herself, "I look so pretty!"

Then she ran towards her brother, who was still asleep.

"Ben! Ben! Wake up! I'm a human! Look!"

Ben woke with a start, and then looked at her. "Wow, the potion worked!" he said, wagging his tail.

"Yeah, its so cool! Let's go explore!" Julian said before she took off running across the beach toward a deserted road.

With a bark, Ben followed her, easily catching up because he had more legs than her and closer to the ground.

When they reached the road, Julian looked around, looking for some humans to talk to.

Suddenly they saw one. He was sitting on a wooden bench that was shaded by a tree. He was asleep and he seemed to be the same age as them.

Julian knelt down next to Ben and whispered in his ear, "make sure you don't talk, I don't think dogs do, you might scare someone."

"Okay." He whispered back.

"Follow me." Julian said as she ran across the empty road to the sleeping human.

As they drew closer, Julian saw that he was dressed in dirty clothes that had a lot of holes in them.

Sitting next to him on the bench was a little girl who was also asleep. The looked a lot like each other, and Julian was sure that they were brother and sister.

"Excuse me?" she said, tip-toeing up to the bench, "Hello?" she said again, tapping on the brother's shoulder.

He still slept on, and she got annoyed and shook his shoulder roughly, like she did when she wanted to wake Ben up. His eyes snapped open and he starred at Julian, shock and suspicion written all over his face.

"Who are you?" he asked angrily, standing up and moving to shield his sister from them, as if they would even think of hurting anyone.

"My name is Julian, and this is my bro—I mean, my dog, Ben." Julian said, smiling at him to show that she meant no harm.

"What?" the kid said, starring at her, one eyebrow raised.

"I said my name is Julian, what's yours?" Julian said again, confused as to why he was starring at her like she was crazy.

"What are you saying? Who are you?" the brother said again, starting to grow angry. It was obvious he couldn't understand her.

That was when his little sister woke up. "Johnny?" she said, "What's going on, who's she?" She asked, looking at Julian curiously.

"I don't think she's from around here, I cant understand what she's saying." Johnny said, "Maybe she's Mexican or something?" he turned to face his little sister.

"Hey, didn't you learn Spanish in school, Lily?" he asked her. She nodded.

Julian and Ben watched their conversation in confusion. They had no idea what 'Mexican' or 'Spanish' meant.

"Try and talk to her," Johnny said to Lily, "Tell her that this is our beach, and we don't need any more people to take care of."

"Okay." Lily said before turning to Julian. "Who are you?" she asked, speaking in Spanish.

But to Ben and Julian it sounded no different than the language they had been speaking before; mermaids could understand any language.

"As I already told your brother," Julian began, but was stopped by the shocked look on the little girl's face. "What?"

"Johnny's not my brother!" she said, "He's just my friend, we both ran away to go on adventures!"

Julian was confused, she had been sure that they were brother and sister.

Johnny interrupted at that moment. "Wait, Lily, if she's speaking Spanish, then why are you answering in English?"

Lily turned to her friend, "She's not speaking Spanish, what are you talking about? She's speaking English."

"No she's not!" Johnny said, confused.

"Oh be quiet," Lily shushed him and then turned back to Julian. "So, what's your name?"

"Julian." Julian answered, keeping it short so they wouldn't get off topic again, theses humans obviously couldn't pay attention to one thing for too long.

"Julian? That's a strange name for a girl," Lily said, then seeing the hurt look on Julian's face, said, "but I like it, it fits you!"

"Her name's Julian?" Johnny asked in surprise, "wait, can she understand English then?" Lily nodded. "Then why can't I understand her? All I hear is gibberish!"

"Where are you from then, Julian?" Johnny said.

Julian hesitated and looked at Ben. He nodded his dog head slightly. He thought that they could trust Lily and Johnny.

"I'm from the ocean." She said.

"You mean an island?" Lily asked.

"No, the ocean, I live under it, in my parent's castle."

It was Lily's turn to look confused now, so Julian explained, "I'm a mermaid, I think that's why Johnny can't understand me, I speak like a fish, but I don't know why you can understand me."

"You're a mermaid?" Lily asked, her eyes wide, "like the ones those divers saw? Was that you?"

"What's a diver?" Julian asked.

"A diver is someone who goes down underwater, they were in a sub when they saw two mermaids and a dolphin, they took pictures and everything! It's in the newspaper, see?"

Lily picked up a fallen paper from the ground and showed it to Julian.

She gasped, "How did I get on the paper?" she asked, thinking it was magic.

"So it is you!" Lily exclaimed, ignoring the strange looks she was getting from her friend.

"I guess so…" Julian said, still a little confused about how she and Andrea were on the paper.


The days passed slowly, on that first day, they couldn't convince Johnny that Julian really was a mermaid until Ben told him himself, almost scaring him out of his skin when the dog began to make the strange sounds that sounded like 'Spanish'.

On the second day, Lily and Johnny showed Ben and Julian around, they showed them how they got their food by finding it in trash cans and dumpsters, and they showed them how to cross the streets safely, and taught them as much as they could about humans and their history.

But they didn't know much, and so they brought them to a library where pets were allowed, and tried to teach them how to read, which they mastered in only a few minutes.

Julian read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea in an hour, and then they left the library, because it was closing.

Then Johnny and Lily took them to their hideout where they slept. It was a cave that they had found on the beach, the entrance was a crack so small that an adult would never have been able to squeeze though.

But the inside was huge, and they had collected a lot of blankets and pillows over the years. When Julian finally asked how old they were, their answer shocked her. Both of them were fifteen, but she had thought they were closer to her age, eleven.

"I guess mermaids grow faster than us." Johnny said once Lily had told her what Julian had said.

And so the second day of their life as humans was over.

Julian dreamed of flying that night, she had sat outside watching the birds, so much like the fish of her home that she felt a little homesick, thought she hadn't been gone that long.

When Julian awoke on the third day and went outside it was still dark out, but the sun was going to rise soon. She suddenly remembered what the fairy had told them and rushed back inside to wake everyone up.

They all went outside and Ben waded into the water a little so that he wouldn't get stuck on the beech when he changed back into a mermaid.

It happened quickly, the sun's light hit the water, and in that instant, there was a brilliant flash, and Ben was once again a mermaid.

Johnny and Lily looked at him in surprise, they had known that he was a mermaid, but they hadn't really believed it until now.

They stayed at the beach all that day, swimming and building sand castles.

When the sky began to grow dark Julian waded out into the water, Ben helping her because she still wasn't a good swimmer with human legs. Then the moon rose in the sky, and she changed back with a blast of silver light.

Johnny and Lily cheered on the beach, and Julian was so glad to be a mermaid again that she dove down under the water and then burst out again, leaping high into the air and doing a flip.

Then she and Ben waved goodbye to their new human friends and dove back down to the depths, back to their underwater kingdom and their family, who had almost gone mad with worry over them.

Their parents made them swear that they would never do it again and they did, but every night, when all the grown-ups were asleep, Julian, Ben, Andrea and Ally visited Ben and Lily.

Many years passed, Lily and Johnny got married, and had three kids, which they named after their mermaid friends and brought them to the beach when they visited them.

Ben, Andrea, and Julian grew up too; they all married other mermaids and brought their children to play with the humans when they came to see Lily and Johnny.

They all stayed friends forever.

The End.