Cassandra Freiborg 3/3/11

Crawl inside me

steeped in the blackness you'll find

the tarish guilt that clutches

everything. Walk the bleak expanse

if you can and meet the stone

wall of heartbreak built over many years

built by hands slivered by sharp nails of denial

and heels blistered by going the distance

over and over again

in circles.

These perfect walls are incomplete without the last brick

which I am waiting for you to bring.

You think this palisade young and un-weathered

as you haul your burden through this moat of aggrieved days.

But I have knelt in the mire of your eyes and beheld

your wicked kingdom there

your prized possession

the reflection of my own

our misdeeds calculated and recorded

for our libraries of isolation where we will sit and read

over and over again

these pages until the book is done

and we are alone

but together in these dark citadels

where the drafty rooms stuffed full or books

will be the only witness to their author's weary end.