Made: Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Time: 11:18a.m



Don't you wish it would all go away?
All the pain wants is just to stay.
The bullet in your head won't block the light;
The gun in my hand won't make this right.


Realize the danger you're in—
Watch as the walls continue to spin.
Life has become your catastrophe.
This is what happens when you mess with me.


Middle man—always the mediator;
Sick little man—always the violator.
I'm sick of your games, sick of your lies,
Sick of covering for your disguise.


Fallen so far and it's really quite sad.
But why am I here—because I am mad?
Regardless, I'm bringing you down
No matter the death—by fire or drown.


So long, see you soon—
Remember this face of your doom.
Friends never last 'till the end;
There's too little blood to spend.


Late again? I'll take the blame.
Life and death are all the same.
I'm stuck in the back again,
Look over, I'll flash a grin.


Time is finally running out.
Don't you dare try to shout.
My knife to your throat now—
In the light, take a bow.


Dangerous music grips to your soul
Sings my life for yours—let's switch roles.
I'm out of my mind, remove the knife.
I killed you and so end my own life.