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Chapter Two

"Right this way, Atty."

Atty sighed and walked forward at Porter's words. Porter was a short man, shorter than Phillip, who was standing right next to him, his face set in a sturdy expression. Phillip didn't follow them back toward the room, though. He never did, claming the tests and experimentations made him uneasy. Atty could relate. His skin itched to get out of this place. He really hated needles and shots of any kind, and yet that seemed to be all Porter wanted to do with him. Give him a shot and then let him run rampant for a while and see what happened. Same old, same old.

Porter's gray eyes were narrowed, like they always were. Atty doubted he had a single memory of that guy laughing or even cracking a smile. Porter led him to a metal table, which he pointed to. Atty sighed and climbed onto it, laying down with his head on a wad of covers that was made to be a pillow. Mars stood next to the table, frowning down at him. He knew Mars didn't like it here--hell, he didn't either! But Atty was grateful to be able to look at him as Porter shoved the needle into his right arm, on his other side.

"What is it?" Mars asked gruffly, narrowing his eyes at Porter. "What did you put in him?"

Atty wanted an answer to that question too, so he rolled his head and looked at the stony man.

"Just something that should only knock him out. I just want to test my theory that it doesn't work on him," Porter replied, glaring at Mars. Yeah, those two hated each other.

Atty's mind was growing fuzzy and hazy, the edges of his vision blurred. Wow, this thing worked fast, which made him wonder what it was if it was working this fast on him of all people.

"What is it?" Mars asked again, reaching out to touch Atty's shoulder. Atty smiled faintly at the contact, feeling loopy. The room began spinning around him and his breaths turned somewhat shaky as he closed his eyes. "Atty?"

"He should be fine," Porter said. "It should just put him to sleep for a while. I just want to see how much it actually does to him."

"What did you give him?" Mars snapped, his hand tightly gripping Atty's shoulder. Atty pried his suddenly heavy eyelids open, frowning dizzily at him.

Porter shook his head. "Nothing for you to worry about."

"What if something happens? You don't know what he can and can't take!"

"Still…in the room…" Atty mumbled sluggishly, his eyes falling closed yet again.

"Atty?" Mars asked worriedly.

Atty wanted to tell him he was okay, just going to go to sleep for a bit, but he was out before he could even think to form the words.

"Atty? Atty!" Mars gripped Atty's shoulder tightly, worry coursing through him. If whatever it was Porter had given him was working this fast on Atty, then what exactly was it? It probably would have put a human in a coma or killed them by now! He glared harshly at Porter. "What the fuck did you give him? Answer me!"

Porter was frowning at Atty's status equipment, which was where all of Atty's internal factors and vitals were monitored. His heart rate was rapidly spiking and Mars frowned worriedly. Several factors jumped into the red zone.

"What's going on?" Mars asked, glaring. "What the fuck did you do?" He tightened his grip on Atty's shoulder, filling his racing pulse beneath his hold.

"I gave him a strong tranquilizer that usually euthanizes humans in minutes."

Mars saw red. "WHAT! Why would you do that, you idiot! He's not fucking indestructible! Fuck!" He grabbed both of Atty's shoulders and shook him. "Atty! Atty, wake up! Wake up! Atty!" If he had a heart that actually beat, it would have been racing like Atty's, in fear for him. "Atty, no, wake up!" Panic clawed at him as the factors monitoring Atty continued to spike. His heart rate grew thin and weak yet so fast…racing… "Atty! Atty, no! Fuck, wake up!" He shook him all the more, but it didn't quite seem to be doing any good.

Porter pulled out another syringe and moved toward Atty on his other side. Mars glared at him viciously, his fangs--yes, fangs--protruding from his upper lip. There were four of them--the canines were long, but also the teeth next to it.

"You stay the fuck away from him," he hissed ferociously, pulling Atty's limp form toward him protectively, vowing that no more harm would come to him, not if he had anything to say about it. Atty, please wake up, he wanted to beg, but somehow, he knew it wouldn't help. Atty was out.

And his heart was racing. His vitals were skyrocketing.

It wasn't good. At all.

Atty, please…

"I'm going to give him this to counteract the strong tranquilizer," Porter told him, annoyed. "An adrenaline boost."

"You'll kill him!"

Atty's heart was already racing. Giving him an adrenaline boost would only make matters worse.

Porter narrowed his eyes. "I need to give it to him--or he might die without it."

"This is all your fault!" Mars snarled, feeling helpless. He couldn't help Atty. He didn't know what to do, and fuck, but it was driving him insane. Atty, Atty, please, wake up…Wake up!

"Are you going to let me give him the shot or not?"

"No! You've done enough!"

But what if Porter was right? What if Atty needed the shot? Mars clenched his eyes tightly closed. How was he supposed to make that decision? It was too big! Atty's life depended on it!

"Fine," Porter growled, putting down the syringe. "Then watch him while I go try and find something else that will help. Let me know if bottoms out." Then he left the room, leaving Mars with his words.

Bottoms out? Atty, no…

Mars sat on the edge of the table and pulled Atty into his arms so that his head was resting on Mars's shoulder. "Atty, please, you have to wake up," he said gently, combing his fingers through Atty's blonde hair. "Please, Atty…wake up. C'mon, I need you to wake up! Atty!" A bloody wetness stung at his eyes as he closed them and leaned his head downward, resting his forehead against Atty's. "Please wake up," he whispered shakily. "I need you to wake up. Please, Atty."

Atty couldn't die, right? Not here. Not now.

Not when Mars had stood there and watched as Porter gave him the shot. Not when Mars had watched Atty fade off into unconsciousness.

Mars kissed the tip of Atty's nose as he opened his eyes and blinked back the red wetness. Vampires had bloody tears, that was just the way it was. And yes, Mars was a vampire--the creature that had caused Porter and other scientists to go and create Atty.

The mortal vampire.

"Atty, please…wake up! You have to wake up! Stay with me!"

Atty could die. He was still human…sort of. Partially. He still had a heartbeat, had to breathe to live, still aged…could still die, and fuck! Mars had watched Porter shove the needle in. He'd just stood there and watched

"Atty, please…I love you." He pressed his lips lightly to Atty's, desperate for the contact as fear consumed him. "Please. Atty!"

And then Atty shifted in his arms. Mars swallowed thickly and tightened his hold, lifting his head somewhat to look Atty in the face. He was pale, more so than usual, and his wondrous eyes were fluttering open slowly. His fingers twitched and his brows furrowed in confusion.

"Atty?" Mars whispered hopefully. "Atty, are you with me?"

"Mm? Mmm. Yeah," Atty said, grimacing as he shifted.

"What's wrong?" Mars asked worriedly. "Are you okay? How do you feel?" He shot a glance toward the machines monitoring Atty's vitals. They were back down to normal. Oh, thank God, Mars thought to himself in great relief.

"I'm fine…just a little stiff." He frowned. "What's wrong with you? Your eyes look red."

The bloody tears, then.

"I'm fine. How do you feel?" Mars asked again.

"Tired. Why? What happened?" He looked confused. "Are you okay?"

"I told you, I'm fine," Mars said, scowling. "Just…shit, Atty." He closed his eyes.


"We're getting out of here. Porter's not doing any more tests on you."

"Why not?" Atty frowned at him, perplexed. "Is everything okay?"

"No. It's not okay. Fuck, Atty, he almost killed you!" Mars growled, narrowing his eyes as he simultaneously tightened his hold on Atty, his arms wrapped around him.

"Huh?" Atty shook his head. "All I did was fall asleep, dude."

"No. You almost died. You could have died."

"But I'm fine," Atty protested. "I just went to sleep."

"A lot of people die that way," Mars said gruffly. He stood from the table, carefully pulling Atty with him. Atty stood slowly, yawning. Mars kept an arm around his waist, refusing to let go…just in case.

Also, he kind of needed the contact at the moment.

"C'mon…we're getting out of here."

Atty sighed, seemingly giving into him. "What are we gonna tell Phillip and Porter?"

"Fuck Porter," Mars snapped angrily. That guy had nearly been the cause of Atty's death, just like Mars had feared. "We're getting out of here." He led Atty out of the room and down the dark hallway they'd come down. Porter was nowhere in sight, but near the exit stood Phillip. He looked up as they approached.

"Is everything okay?" he asked, frowning.

"Your brother almost killed him," Mars said darkly. "We're leaving. Don't try and stop us." He growled to show that he meant business, his fangs showing again, his eyes flashing dangerously.

Phillip held his hands up. "Whoa, wouldn't dream of it," he said. "Calm down. Go on, no one is forcing you to stay."

Mars nodded. Phillip was an alright guy. "Thanks," he grunted, keeping his arm around Atty as they exited the building and climbed into the Jeep. "I'm driving." He forced Atty to sit in the passenger seat. "You don't look so good."

"You either," Atty muttered, crossing his arms petulantly.

"Are you sure you feel okay?" Mars asked quietly as he started the Jeep and began pulling away from the building, happy to leave it behind him.

"I feel fine. Just tired. You okay?"

"So long as you are," Mars said truthfully, his grip tight on the steering wheel as they drove off down the road.

They arrived back at the cabin soon enough. Atty yawned and climbed out of the Jeep. Before he managed to even take two steps away from it, Mars was suddenly there, his arm around his waist again as though he thought he couldn't walk on his own. Atty sighed and allowed it for now, only because it seemed as though Mars was the one who needed it.

And he'd do anything for him, after all.

Mars led him into the cabin and toward the only bedroom, which they shared. Atty happily climbed into bed, yawning again as he crawled under the covers and closed his eyes as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The bed dipped slightly as Mars sat on the bed. A heavy hand landed gently on his shoulder, causing him to open his eyes. Mars was watching him worriedly.

"Atty?" he whispered.

"I'm fine," Atty said with a scowl. "Why won't you believe me?"

"Are you sure?"



"If I was any more positive I'd be negative," Atty told him, smiling faintly. Seemingly satisfied, Mars lay down next to him, his arm around him again, pulling him close. Atty happily obliged and snuggled into him. "Just 'cause I'm going to bed doesn't mean you have to," he murmured guiltily.

"I want to," Mars told him, kissing him on the forehead. Atty smiled sleepily, his eyes already closed again. "I love you, Atty."

"Love you too…" Atty murmured.

And then he was out.

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