A/N: Maybe this will explain why I haven't uploaded a new chapter in a while.

Pencil touches down on paper,
But the ideas won't flow.

Most nights my hand flicks across the page faster than I can control,
extracting ideas from the chaos of my mind.


All come together to pour my
Heart and Soul
on to the page.

Tonight those words will not come.

They lie somewhere in the abyss, forgotten.
They lie somewhere I can no longer go.

Why am I stuck in reality?
Why am I grounded?

My world of fantasy eludes me.
My head will not go to the clouds.

I was asked whether or not I fear anything…

I do fear.
I fear how lost I am in reality

I fear
the emptiness

My hand drops from the page in order to examine my work,
The irony of the poem strikes me.
With a small smile I close my journal.

Never the less
I will fall asleep tonight with an eased mind.

Perhaps I will slip into my fantasy
in my dreams.