One Destiny, One Fate

My name is Catherine, Princess Catherine of the great Kingdom of Amestir- the daughter of the late King Elixir and the late Princess Athena, the daughter of then the Lord of Cornwall. I have a brother, my older brother by a year, Prince Eric of Amestir, who led the Amestarian and Cornwall armies into battle against the PSIRENs twice.

This was the modern era, where wars and battles mostly took place in space, where ships and planes became spaceships and spacecrafts, where bombs and missiles became the most advanced nuclear bombs and gamma rays, powerful enough to wipe a whole planet and all that inhabit the place.

This was war in our world.

It was not about freedom nor was it about power. But purity- to be the only nation to inhabit Earth.

This wasn't like World War 1 or World War 2 and it was most definitely not a civil war. It's not white vs. black or Christians vs. Muslims either.

So, what were we fighting for?

Amestir, my kingdom, was fighting for peace- peace amongst humans and amongst nations. And in this era, there were only three nations: the Kingdom of Amestir, the once fallen Cornwall Empire and PSIREN, these nations were then divided into divisions and cities.

The first war took place seven years ago, when I was seventeen. I wasn't like any other princess who just sat in the supreme council, watching what will happen next. I wasn't the princess who wore pretty dresses and thought that the way I present myself is the way my kingdom presents itself.

No, I was naïve, and rash, and impulsive, and rebellious. I became a soldier; a soldier who did not understand the real meaning of war, believing that killing until the last person is dead will be the only way to achieve peace. And because of that, I've got blood in my own hands- thousands, no, millions of people's blood are soaked in my own flesh. And every time I think about it, I'll always cry. How many people were sacrificed and killed just for the sake of peace? And yet, we were nowhere near it.

I clenched my fist as tears started to form at the corner of my eyes.

It's not over yet. I told myself over and over again during the rare occasions that I had some alone time in the wars. It's not over yet.

I looked up the evening sky on the very unique and special night when I can't hear guns and bombs and screams of anger and resentment. How I wish that tonight was like every night – peaceful and quiet.

I sighed then laughed softly at my naivety. There was no way I can stop this war myself, I thought.

Of course not.

When the first war ended five years ago, I was so happy.

Back then, only Amestir and PSIREN survived. Cornwall fell in the hands of the PSIRENs but prior to that, Lord Harris ordered all citizens to seek refuge and escape their kingdom while it was overflowed with flames and blood.

And Lord Harris, along with his council sacrificed their lives by destroying the Yamato- it's command center and the heart of Cornwall. The royal family died along with Lord Harris, leaving his only daughter alive. Princess Diana took refuge in my home when Cornwall collapsed. That time, Amestir and Cornwall became allies and until now, we were still allies, especially since Princess Diana was engaged to a royal Amestarian. And who else will that be other than my dear brother, Prince Eric? (Every other Lord of Cornwall comes from the five royal families in which they will take turns in taking the title of 'Lord of Cornwall', and since Mom and Diana did not come from the same royal family, Diana and Eric, and I as well are totally not related by blood at all and both are legal for marriage). I kind of predicted it, though. Diana was a beautiful woman who knows proper etiquette- a real princess you might say yet she had a rather strong heart and courage. She's willing to go to the front lines and try to stop the battle, not fearing what might happen to her.

And when the war ended, she lived happily with me and my brother as we took command of Amestir when Father died, since she had begun a romantic relationship with Eric a few months after she took refuge in our home.

We were all so happy…the war had ended but we weren't quick enough to see that the few months of peace were but a dream. That's when the second war started.

But just a few weeks after the ambush, Diana walked up to me one night, telling me that she was ready to return to Cornwall and rebuild it and fight with us in the war as well.

I closed my eyes, remembering what took place that night.

"Be careful, okay Diana?" I held her hand tightly.

She smiled at me widely. "Of course."

"Are you sure though? Maybe you can go back after the war…"

She shook her head lightly. "No, now is the time. And actually, I'm regretting it…not going back to Cornwall during the few months of happiness. I should've seen this coming…if I did, we could've been ready."

"It's not your fault." I told her and hugged her tightly. "Just please, be careful. You're my best friend and I can't lose you too."

"Don't worry. And anyway, I've got company…though I think you should be worried more about him." She laughed softly. And I smiled.

"Dear brother, take care as well." I addressed the tall man behind Diana.

He grinned. "I was starting to think you've forgotten me."

I pouted- the first time in months. "Well, you don't need any protection…of course I'd focus on Diana's safety first. She's the last Royal Cornwall…and there's the two of us, so one of us is disposable." Then my eyes softened. "But even then, don't die."

"Of course, Catherine. And you should be careful too. Now that I'm going to Cornwall, you're the boss now. You're going to lead the Amestarians from now on. And I'm sure some people will try and-." His expression changed. "I'm sorry…if I could've stopped this…"

I placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'll be fine. You know what I'm capable of."

He raised an eyebrow. "Even if you can hit almost any target, Miss Sniper, you're still vulnerable. You're a princess, Catherine…a lady."

"Are you saying I can't take on others because I'm a lady, dear brother?" I scowled at him, glaring at him for a second.

For a moment he gave an awkward laugh. "No, no of course not! I'm just saying that you are the last Princess of Amestir and for you, a girl, to lead them…you know it might cause turmoil."

"Yes, and I'm ready for the controversies, Eric. And anyway, I've kept low on what I did during the last war…no one knows about my participation except for a few chosen ones. That's why I can get the upper hand here…everyone will underestimate me and for once, that's a good thing. For me." I smirked.

"Just please, don't be reckless." He pleaded.

"I'm not that unreasonable, Eric." I told him and Diana giggled.

"And I really think that you're offending my abilities as well, my kind sir." A man who came behind me said.

"Adrian." The corners of Eric's lips twitched.

I turned around to face Adrian Heathers, Eric's and my most trusted and dearest knight. "I thought you wouldn't come." I told him softly.

Adrian looked at me, his eyes capturing mine. "I'd never leave you, Catherine." Then he turned to Eric and shrugged. "And anyway, my best friend is eloping…I should at least support him on his conquest."

"You didn't have to use the word 'eloping', you know." My brother turned crimson. "You make it sound like it's a bad thing."

Adrian patted Eric on the shoulder. "Good luck, Eric."

"Yeah you too…thank you for doing this." Eric nodded once.

"You know that I would've done it anyway, with or without your request. I'll protect her even if it takes my life. I won't abandon her, Eric. I give you my word." Adrian said firmly.

"Yeah, I know. I trust you, Adrian." Eric then turned away, his hand around Diana's waist and both of them walked towards the shuttle, Amestarian soldiers lined up on each side. But after a few steps, Eric turned his head and glared at his best friend. "I trust you, but don't you dare do anything to my sister while I'm gone."

Adrian wrapped his arm around my waist and looked at Eric. "I won't."

I giggled. You see, Adrian is my fiancé. He's the second-in-command in the Amestarian Army too. Actually, if you just mention either Adrian's or Eric's name, the enemy, as well as their subordinates will all tremble in fear. They're both war veterans and can unleash a menacing power that could haunt you in your dreams.

But even though they're frightening during battle, they are capable of compassion, love and kindness.

I leaned my head on Adrian's chest and smiled, his arms wrapping protectively around me as we looked at the retreating figures.

That was the last time I saw Diana and Eric face-to-face, during the war only, of course. The only times I had communicated with them from that time on were either through monitors or speakers. And our encounters were not even that often.

I was at Amestir during the second war, leading the people and staying strong no matter what happened. Diana was also staying in the newly rebuilt Cornwall and just like me, she, of course was the leader of her empire. I actually cried my eyeballs out when I heard about the splendid news a few months after Diana and my brother's departure.

"The beloved princess of the Cornwall Empire, Princess Diana and her fiancé, the fearful prince of Amestir, Prince Eric with a battalion of Amestarian soldiers as well as the surviving soldiers of Cornwall were successful in taking back what was rightfully Princess Diana's and her family's – the throne of the Cornwall Empire."

But that wasn't the happy ending, not yet anyway. Well, the happy ending still hadn't decided who it wanted to belong to that time.

While Diana and I were at our respective homelands, Eric and Adrian were out against the PSIRENs. Adrian became the admiral of the Amestarian army, replacing Eric as its head. And Luke Warren became the admiral of the Cornwall army and of course, my brother became the leader of both armies.

The battle was fierce and it raged on for sixteen nightmarish months. I was worried sick- for the life of my brother, my love, for my country as well as the world. And I couldn't help but feel so helpless. I mean, I went out on the front lines and fought the enemy myself during the first war but during the second war- but during that time, I just felt like a damsel in distress and that was definitely not supporting my image.

I bit my lip and let the tears fall freely on my cheeks on most nights.

Why had this world plunged into chaos?

Why had we turned on each other and fight? And kill?

Is it not enough to hurt one another?!


It's so depressing…and it felt as if everything was so dark and there was no light. It felt as if there was no hope.

Hopeless, ha, we've been hopeless for years. Nothing and no one's going to change that. Certainly not me…

How pessimistic of me…

But then, it's true, wasn't it? It's true that maybe we humans really are hopeless- knowing nothing but to fight and kill…we've been degraded and demoted to the level of animals.

How pathetic.

And yet, how fitting.

This world had become nothing but a nightmare. But it's us who willed it, wasn't it?

And of course, who else can change the world but us?

Yes, us…humans, the most intelligent and civilized species. To be honest, it's ironic- being the greatest species yet we were the ones who reduced this world into nothing but a land of the living dead.

Yes, a land of the living dead…we were all dead because we had all believed that there is no hope for this world…

And without hope, there's no light to overcome the darkness, to fill the void. Therefore, we were dead.

But things changed, didn't it? The war finally ended and I welcomed all the soldiers-heroes, with open arms especially Adrian and Eric. With Diana as the ruler of Cornwall, we were able to form a peace treaty that was able to subdue PSIREN, placing Reverend Campbell, who was trusted by all three nations, as its leader after overthrowing its former leader. And even if some people still didn't believe in the cause of peace, in time, they will. They will understand that fighting and killing was never the answer and it never will be because we are all humans…humans who have a heart inside; a soft spot, I finally realized. We are beings with hope. And I finally understood that hopeless was never in our vocabulary for it never existed. I was wrong to even think about it like that. The war was just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding that cost many lives, but still. It was the time when we don't understand each other and then hate each other for it. It was just a time when we all fell down at the same time. But with help, we were able to stand back up and that's the important thing.

I finally smiled after all those years, a truly happy and sincere smile.

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