I saw nothing but a mirage

I saw nothing but what I wanted to see

It's nobody's faut this time

and all those pictures are not what they seem


I can't make the bird sing in the night

I can't make the Sun rise earlier just for me

but I know I will find my smile

the dream is over but life is still a dream


No more love for this shadow

No more broken hearts, no more drama

Maybe I'm way too shallow

and in need to clean my karma


Hello my sweetest friend

but good bye my midnight lover

I hold no grudges to any name

nor any weight on my shoulders


I'm free from the delusion

and my Princess is free too

The hard part wasn't end this ilusion

but to realize you will never care the way I do


NOTE: I'm using this kind of sucky poetry just to release one thing or two from my soul, I was getting through such a terrible times but FINALLY I'm starting to get the help I needed.

Thank you doctor: I know the journey won't be easy, but I have no other option to make the first step, for me, for the ones I love.

And this one is dedicated to...well...me XD