The Science of Nature: To be a Botanist

There came a time in my life (during the mid summer-autumn months) where I felt at true harmony with nature. I could not understand why. I loved to pick up any plants, tree branches, and leaves I saw and bring them home, but I never thought about natureitself. I suddenly found myself wanting to learn more about nature. I loved to pick up flowers (preferably roses) whenever I saw them. So why didn't I think more about it?

I got some books and studied different plants and flowers. I found out that there were more plants than the lot I knew (and trust me when I say I knew a lot) I didn't even dare count the marine (underwater) plants. I had a basic description of nature. It was beautiful. Truly beautiful. Then I came up to the part where trees were getting destroyed and forests were being diminished. Okay, not cool, people. Nature in no way whatsoever should be destroyed for no reason. I know nature gives us many resources but people are just producing too much at the same time. Its like. . Black Tuesday. Everyone knows what happened with the stock market and what caused the Great Depression, right? Well too many stocks was being produced, and everyone could not buy all of this. Overproduction. That whats happening with nature. I mean, one tree can produce many loads of paper. And that is a hypothesis. So don't expect me to know everything because I sure do not.

Many things are produced from nature, even the food we eat. Rice, beans, corn, tomatoes, the list goes on. So without these plants we could not have the food we eat now. And some people are taking that for granted. They need to learn how to produce just the amount they need, not more than needed. No one is perfect in life, not even me, not even the people in politics. Not even Martin Luther King was perfect ether. I think you all get my point. Some very important people in history and today are not perfect. What we can do, is try to do the best we can to achieve great things. It is not right for anyone to take advantage of nature and its beings at all. Not even myself.

Okay, so you all might be wondering where I got the term "botany" from and what exactly it means. Here is how I got to know it. I had after-school classes (and I still do) because I was not doing that very good in math. I won in reading but lost in math. But the thing is the students and I were subject-switched. This meant for one week, we would focus on math, but on another week, we would focus on reading. It so happened it was the week of reading. Anyways, we were reading from our reading books when we came across a story about botany. I forgot the title (it was the second week I was in after-school which was last year). So when I read this story, I found out it had to do something with plants. So being the fast reader I am, I read the rest of the story. I finally knew what I wanted to study to be. Botany was, the scientific study of plants, "plant science", a form of biology. If there was two #1 subjects I could pick I liked, it would definitely be reading and science. And come to think of it, I did have the highest scores in those subjects. So I would have no problem. Or maybe I was wrong since math likes to personally hate on me. I don't have problems like I used to, but there is still some areas I need to improve on.

I went to the store this one day and I wanted to buy some flower seeds. I had wanted to garden when I was little, but I couldn't since my family moved a lot. I didn't have a rough childhood. I have very loving and caring parents and I even have a family of 5 cats that mean a lot to me. So I got the seeds. I picked at random because I did not want to pick seeds about plants I already knew about. The two seeds I got was a Poppy seed, referred to as "Red Corn", and the Gypsophila seed, referred to as "Baby's Breath". From what I have observed about seeds, to me, they were big but a different color and shape. I was very surprised to find out the seeds in both packs were small, the same shape, but a different color. I guess that big seed observation was only with certain types of plants, I'll have to look more into that.

I said before that I have gotten books based on nature. There is this one book that I'm into called "A Book About Nature". It has beautiful descriptions about nature and has many different types of plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees. This book even contains descriptions of animals too. It is truly an amazing book to study nature on. I hope to get more like this and achieve more. I wrote the descriptions of these plants and other things and are studying them. I have wrote a whole notebook's worth of research and observations in my free time. I even did this at school while doing my classwork at the same time. I loved the fact that I could look forward to studying about something in life since I had no idea what I truly wanted study to be. I guess this is just the beginning.

Oh, and here is the description of one of the plants I'm going to be studying for a while:

Heal-All, Self Heal (Mint Family) Prunella vulgeris
Plant: 6-12 inches tall, usually single stem

Leaves: 1-2 inches long, long oval, narrowing ties, sparsely toothed

Flowers: Purple, pink, or white, in dense heads.

Blooms: June-September. Meadows, edge of woods

By the way, "Prunella vulgeris" I believe is referring to the Italian term for the plant.

Also, back then, there was something called "the language of flowers." So which one is your favorite?:

Lotus Flower- Purity, truth, mystery, eloquence

- Elegance, grace, confiding love

- Chivalry, regard, admiration

-Pleasant thoughts, modesty, thoughtfulness

With White Poppy- Imagination, peace, loyalty

- Cheerfulness, optimism, long life, joy

Calla Lilly- Magnificent beauty, purity, sophistication, marriage

- Happiness, innocence, beauty, wonder

Tulip- Passion, romance, charity, dreaminess

-Orange Calla Lily- Gratitude, glee, lightheartedness

Tulip- Royalty, dignity, grandeur

Blooming Cereus- Maternal love, affection, delicate beauty.

The language of flowers was a romantic and inspiring way to express feelings and deliver a special meaning or sentiment (spirit) dating back to the 19th century. The language of flowers symbolizes images of love and friendship.

Each flower matches up to a month. So whatever month your birthday is in, that is what kind of flower resembles you. My birthday is in April so my flower type is a Pansy.

Author's Note:

Well there you have it. My first essay (blah :P). Review if you'd like and tell me your thoughts on nature. And I'd love to hear what kind of flower you match up to. Please no harsh reviews. And I know I repeat "I" like I'm a six year old. See? It happened again!

Well see you next time when the first chapter of Ocean Eyes comes out! ^_^