When you were to transfer,
I cried.
You didn't see me, but I did.
And right before your eyes.

But now you're leaving me, I feel,
At least, I think you are.
Because no one can ever tell,
If my tears are fake or real.

Someday, I'll see you off.
I knew that.
But never so close,
Did I know that day would come.

I tried to stop you.
I tried to keep you.
But I realize,
I need to release you.

You were my best friend,
With me till the end.
But that's what makes me so sad.
Just the thought that,
'Though years pass for years to come,
The sun will keep on shining,
The world will keep on loving.'
And we will keep on running,
Into each other's arms,
After days apart.

But the next time will be for years,
Not days, weeks nor months.

I love you so,
It's hard to see you go.

Of my heart, you were a third.
One was my life,
One the world's.
The third was and could only be, yours.

A/N: Hi guys. Right now I'm not really in the mood for an author's note so...