This poem is one of the very rare, few and special that are actually real. Not ones that I make up. So, sadly, everything in this poem, is, true. :'(

I know that my best friend is reading this; If not today, tomorrow, If not tomorrow, the next day. But she'll read it. I know she will.

I want you to know,
That if you do go,
I will miss you,
And I'm sure you'll miss me too.

The ground will tremble,
My heart will break,
But I hope you're happy,
And make sure not to stop to look at me.

Because, I know you'll turn back.
But you're better off there.
I'll miss you being here,
But I'll make up for the lack.
By studying hard,
So I can reach where you are,
In the future...

You'll say 'That's not hard.',
Because I'm already ahead.
But you have that spark,
Not in your head, but in your heart.
It's unbreakable,
Un-smash able,
Don't lose it.

Because if you do,
I'll be sad.
But I won't be mad.
I can't get mad at you.
At least not the 'you' I know you to be.

Some un-named people say,
That we are not a match.
But there's a catch.
Though we are different,
We are one and the same.
And that Life is just a game,
That you need a partner in.

And I've chosen,
My partner,
To be you.