This is dedicated to everyone who has helped me and supported me on Fiction Press and Fan Fiction, it really means a lot. I'm not sure what genre this is ,so I think I'll keep as general. nothing else to say except really has been too long.

his bones snapped

and everything was gone

no blackness

no shadow's

and no comforting hands

to help him find his way

so he walked towards the light,


unsure of what path to follow

with shaking hands he reached out

claiming nothing

and bearing no food to help him survive

he began to slip away again

not able to fend off the outside world

he sat in the cold

watching the world move on

the clouds in the sky moving faster everyday

until he was lost

a stray piece of straw let lose in the wind

no hands to reach him

no smile to warm him

and no one to teach him

he fell

listening to the sirens pierce the air

as the paramedics stopped giving him one last tug

to pull him out of the burning car

he was too far down

and the days wouldn't hold anymore

tumbling down under the pressure of the rain

like building blocks

as they mocked his every existence

because he never had a childhood

not like that

and as he lay on the streets


bleeding orange tears of hunger to a world that wouldn't listen

he said her name one last time

but Emma wouldn't listen

and so he died broken

on the cold hard floor looking like a criminal

when all he wanted was

a second chance