With just one click, you're ready to find your perfect match! Yeah right, like that was true. How would a stupid site even help you find the supposed 'perfect match' as they like to call it.

I can't believe I'm even doing this. I looked at my computer screen wondering what I have just gotten myself into. All because of a stupid bet that I made. I mean, how should I know that I won't get a boyfriend in junior year? It wasn't like I was a psychic or something.

"Come on Charlie. Just hurry up and finish it already! It's not like it's going to hurt you." My friend Noelle stood behind me, tapping her foot impatiently as she looked at the screen.

I snorted and gave her a look.

"Do I have to?" I asked her as I looked at the form in front of me.

"Hey, it was your idea in the first place. Remember? You told me that, by the time we're juniors in college and we don't have a boyfriend yet, we have to sign up into a dating site! Come on Charlotte! Just fill it out." Noelle told me, pushing her hair out of her way as she continued to push me to fill it out.

"But I was thirteen! You can't do that." I argued, but with one glare from her I started to fill it out. It wasn't that she was scary; she's only 5'2 with brownish hair and hazel eyes. She was pretty, but no guy wanted to ask her out. They wanted prettier girls than her. I would never know why they would pick fake girls. I mean, true girls were better, right?

I gave a sigh and began to type out all the needed information.

Name: Charlotte Skye Reed

Birth date: August 28, 1990

Gender: Female

I finished the rest of the information out silently, taking my time.

Why would I even want to do this? Gosh, I must've been high that day.

Finally finishing the last bits of information, I closed my eyes and clicked submit. Cringing as I heard the ding!

"See! Look how easy it is! We'll have our matches in no time. Then we can get started on it." Noelle sounded from behind me as I got up from my chair.

"You know, I think you want to do this. You're just pretending you don't want to." I told her, smiling at her as she stuck out her tongue at me.

I just shook my head and ignored her.

I went to the mirror to take a look at myself; you could say I was pretty. Not super model pretty, just average pretty. The kind that will never get the attention of some boys at our college like Michael Gray, his dark black hair framing his face perfectly and his bright blue eyes always shining when he plays in his basketball games. I should know all about that, I always go to his games. Before you call me obsessed, I just have to say that the reason I go to games was because I wanted to support my brother, Trevor. Watching Michael play was just a reward for going. My infatuation for him got even stronger when I realized he was majoring in law.

Can he get anymore perfect?

I tried clearing those thoughts out of my mind and looked at myself in the mirror. Like I said, I wasn't that bad looking. I had brown hair that fell past my shoulders in layers, dark brown eyes; chocolate eyes as I sometimes like to call it. I didn't do any sports, mostly focusing on my studies. After all, only two more years of college, soon we would be graduating and heading off into different parts of the world.

Me? I'd probably end up in one of those big publishing companies in New York, working as an editor. I smiled, hopefully, that's where I'd end up.

"Hey! Charlie, your computer just beeped!" I broke out of my trance at Noelle's words.

"What?" I asked her, hoping I heard it wrong. I didn't want this. What would I talk about? Would that person even talk to me? What do I do?

"Hurry it up! You got a match. It's time to get you a boyfriend." Noelle told me, pushing me closer to the computer screen just as another beep came up.

I sat down on the screen and stared at the screen.

You have one new match

Yes, I can see that.

Another beep broke me out of my panicked state as a chat screen popped up.


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