"So, what do you think?" Luke asked from behind me, making me stumble as he clasped my shoulder tightly.

"Will you stop that?" I glared at him as I tripped over my roller blades and fell down on the ground.

Luke just laughed and shook his head, skating away before I could say anything else, leaving me sitting down on the ground while people skated by, looking at me trying to stand up but ending up tripping and falling back down again.

Fine, I guess I'll just have to sit here and wait for Luke to come by. I sat there, waiting patiently for Luke to come help me as he circled the rink.

"Need some help?" A voice asked from behind me as I continued to try getting up after a minute of waiting.

Turning my head around I saw a guy standing behind me, his hands tucked inside his jacket as he waited for me to answer. I slowly nodded my head and stuck my hand out, balancing myself as he hoisted me up from the ground, one hand holding onto my waist to prevent me from falling back down.

"Thanks." I smiled at him, my face growing red as I looked down and saw that he was still holding onto my waist. I took a closer look at him and turned brighter as I realized that the guy holding on to me was pretty good looking with his brown hair covering his hazel eyes as he helped me balance myself.

"No problem. You sure you're going to be okay now?" He asked me, removing his hand from his waist, but keeping the other one still holding onto my hand.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Thanks." I smiled at him as he gently took back his hand and sticking it back inside his jacket pocket.

"So, what's your name?" He asked me, cocking his head slightly as he waited for my answer.

I opened my mouth to answer but was interrupted when I heard roller blades stop beside me.

"Hey, Charlie! Finally got up from the ground?" Luke asked me, giving me a smile as I glared at him.

"Yes! Thanks to this guy in front of me. Hey! What is your name?" I turned back to the guy that helped him up and raised my eyebrows as I waited for his answer.

"Oh! Sorry, I forgot about that. I'm Eric." He gave me a smile before moving slightly away from me.

"Well, Eric, we have to go now. Actually, not really, but I kind of want to hang out with Charlie over here. So we have to go. Bye!" he dragged me off without waiting for a reply, making me stumble in my skates again as he skated faster.

I pouted as I finally sat down by the tables next to the rink, waiting for Luke while he got our food. I glanced back again inside the rink and saw Nate pass by, skating with another girl, laughing as they passed me. Rolling my eyes, I turned back towards Luke as he leaned in closer to talk to the girl behind the counter. Giving her a slight wink, he leaned even closer and whispered in her ear. I quickly turned back to the rink and ignored that burning I could feel happening in my chest.

I must be thirsty, I thought to myself as I sneaked a glance back at Luke. Yup, still flirting with that girl. Come on Charlie, why do you even care?

I must've waited for ten minutes when Luke finally came back to the table, smile in place and a tray of food in hand.

"Here's your food!" he announced brightly, sitting down across from me, presenting the tray of food with a slight hand gesture.

Normally, I would've laughed at that, but now, I just smiled slightly and took my burger. Giving it a big bite and chewed silently as he looked at me.

"Thanks for the food." I said as soon as I swallowed the food I was just eating.

"No problem." He gave me a smile and turned back towards the girl selling food and smirked at her as she smiled back.

I growled under my breath and turned to the rink, ignoring the stupid boy sitting in front of me. I have a feeling this will be a long night.

"So, thanks for today, it was fun." I smiled at Luke, wanting for him to just leave so I can think.

He gave me a smile and leaned in closer to me. I raised my eyebrows and took a step backwards into the door, turning the knob as my body pressed against it.

"Well, good night!" I yelled out, slamming the door in his face before he could react.

I sighed and turned to the beds to see Noelle sitting up and looking at me oddly.

"What?" I asked her as I went to my closet to grab clothes to sleep in.

"Why did you just slam the door in his face? He was about to kiss you!" She raised her hands up and gave me a look as I ignored her and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

I ignored her inquiring look and softly closed the door. Finally alone, I began to think. What did Noelle mean he was about to kiss me? He was just flirting with that girl an hour ago and he had the nerve to try to kiss me!

Fuming, I hurriedly did all the things I needed to do and went back to the room to see Noelle still up and waiting for me.

"You didn't answer my question." She said in a soft tone, giving me a look before motioning for me to sit down in front of her.

Then I told her everything that happened to me today. Finally ending with the reason why I avoided kissing him.

"Wait, how did you know he was about to kiss me anyways?" I asked her, curious with how she found out about that.

"You don't need to know. Anyways, you like him." She told me, avoiding my question and shooed me out of her bed, as she snuggled into her blanket.

"No, I don't!" I denied it, settling into my own bed, making me think of what Noelle just said.

I don't like him, right? I mean, it's impossible to like him. Besides, I think I'm starting to see the real Luke. So does that mean that what they all warned me about was true? That he'll eventually break my heart. I reassured myself that wouldn't happen. Of course not, for someone to break your heart, you'd have to be in love with that person.

So, that means, I have to make sure I wouldn't fall in love with him. I shrugged and pulled my pillow closer to me. I would never fall for Luke. I'm sure of it.

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