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Math Apps boring boring boring..... Did I mention how boring it is? Anyway I was bored. I opened my notebook only to hear my name being called to the office.

"Laters peeps!" I said and did a two fingered salute and put my stuff up and went to my locker and rushed down stairs.

"Tai Tai" my cousins voice said behind me. I turned.

"KATY!" I said and put her into a death hug, "Why aren't you in school?"

"Beats me. Dude in suits came and checked me out" She said.

"So what do we do know?"

"Limo outside waiting for us"

"Cool they better have something to drink" I said as we walked outside and climbed into the sleak black limo. A man with black sunglasses was in the back seat. I felt Kate shiver under his glances at us. I glared at him and took my cousins hand.

"What do you want?" I said making sure my voice was laced with vemon. It didn't make him cringe like most people did.

"Good luck with that. I screammed my heart out on the way here" Katy said. I reached into my back pack and pulled out my phone and a hand buzzer and put it on.

"What are you doing Tai?"

"Working" said and took my phone battery out and connected the buzzer with my battery (I ain't telling you!) And amplified the charge.

"You'll talk of end up extra crispy" I said holding out my hand. He glanced at me and sighed.

"Kids today so imatant" He said.

"Yeah yeah. I ask again nicely. WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" I screamed and Kate covered her ears. The man wicned.


"The buzzer is gonna hurt more trust me pal" I said.

"We want you to..." I thought the worst.

"Spy" he said.

"No way- Say WHAT!?" I shrieked Kate bounced in her seat.

"No one would expect you." he said.

"Have you see the insides of our heads?" I asked.


"One condition." Kate said.


"I want wings" She said and crossed her arms. I face palmed.



"What about you?" He asked me. So many things rushed into my head.

"We can't get rid of your parents taxes"

"Damn.... I don't want anything" I said and took the buzzer off.

"She wants wings too. And cat ears and tail to pop out of her head when she gets excited"

"No I don't want wings" I said through clenched teeth.

"Oh yeah no wings" Kate said. I glared at her as the man pulled out a scanner and scanned us. I felt different almost cat like. I shrugged and Kate sprouted wings.

"COOL!!" She yelled and flexed them. I looked for a tail or something.

"It didn't work" I said," So dude what do you want us to do?"

"Spy on Japan"

"Cool Manga and Anime!" I did my fan girl squeal imagining Hayate and Ikuto happlily. Kate waved her hand infront of my face.

"She's gone" she said. By know I think I was drooling. Kate pushed me.

"I'm alive!" I said and threw my hands up. A table popped out of the floor.

"You'll need the jet bag" He said throwing a indigo bag at me. I slung it over my sholder.


"Ice spray" he said and Kate being Kate picked it up and sprayed her self with it thus freezing herself.

"Kate!" I said and clawed at the thin sheet of ice.

"That is so..... COOL!!" she yelled shivering.

"Bomb gum. You chew it stick it on something and it makes a small explostion."

"Cool" I said. He named a few more gadjets and gave them to me.

"How come she gets all the stuff?" Kate asked.

"I have the bag smart one" I said and the limo stopped. The door openned and awated us were our parents.

"MOM!!" Katy yelled and hugged her mom (i.e. her parents split.. She doesn't claim her father any more)

"Momma, Dad!" Yelled and hugged my parents.

"Hi honey" My mom said and we boarded a plane.

"You know were spys?" I asked. My dad nodded.

"We know you'll be fine. Just send a text once in a while." He said and hugged me.

"I will." I said.

"Girls come here" Suit man said. I stood and walked to the room he pointed to.

"We have names" I hissed and entered the room with my cousin. A woman pressed on a button and the door closed.

"Hello girls." She said and smiled.

"Hello" We said inunison.

"I am going to scan you and then you will know how to speak Japanise in seconds" She said and pressed another button. A warm beam shined into us and I felt different.

"I also added martial arts"

"Sweet" I said and I gave Kate a thumbs up.

"There ready" The woman said and the floor disapeared from our feet leaving us falling. Kate used her wings and glided around diving.

"STUPID BAG!!" I said and tryed to activate it.

"Gotcha!" Kate yelled and grabbed my arms hauling me up.

"Stupid bag" I said.

"Hey look we can land soon" Kate said and I looked to see Japan islands.

"Amine and manga here I come!"

"If you start drooling I'm going to drop you!!"

"Fine then!"

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