A/N: This is a poem I wrote for English class. At the end, I'll provide an extra internalization of what this poem is about and why I wrote it. Thank you for viewing it; I would really appreciate it if you read it!

"Life as a Coconut"

I am a coconut.
A hideous and hard outer shell
Protects and conceals the fresh, soft fruit within.
Letting no one harvest me from my tree to choose my course,
I, myself, decide when I am ripe,
When I am ready.
Ready to go with the direction of the wind and sea,
I descend to the earth, sandy and free,
To start my adventure.
Along the way I surpass every obstacle,
With awe, with wonder, with confidence.
I go farther and farther,
To the place of my choosing.
Upon reaching my destination,
I realize I have reunited with my homeland,
The place of my birth, growth, and maturity.
I rest and relax on this land of paradise,
Waiting for nothing else,
For I have done my part.
I let nature have its turn as I wait for the sun to shine, and the rain to pour.
I grow with abundance and prosperity
To become a great and mighty tree
Who will one day amaze the world with my
Grace and glory.

A/N: Again, thank you so much for reading it! I know it's very mediocre and it's not the best, but I really worked hard on this. It wasn't just an English assignment; I really poured my heart out on this. Please review, comment, or criticize. Even one word is very much appreciated!

Here is my promised internalization of the poem. You don't have to read it if you don't want to, but it makes much more sense if you did.

This poem is basically about me and just life itself. I used a coconut to describe me because (1) I love coconuts (they're my favorite fruit!) but that's besides the point, and (2) the coconut amazes me. Just like what the poem says, coconuts are underestimated by others. They're unappealing and hard, but once you get passed that, there's a fresh and soft flesh inside. Coconuts are like me. People underestimate me. I'm stronger than they think. I don't let people intimidate me or choose my own path for me. I decide what I want and follow my own heart (cheesy, I know, but true). I start my "adventure" being "sandy" and "free." This means I take life full on with freedom and optimism, even if I have imperfections, even if I make mistakes. This poem is a motivation for me; to live life with awe, wonder, and confidence. If I work hard in life, I will eventually reach paradise, where God will just work everything out for me, where I will get repaid for my hard work. There, I will be remembered and (hopefully) inspire others for my hard work, strength, and grace.

Thank you for reading! I really do appreciate everything. Remember: "It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop." -Confucius