welcome to The Chronicle of the Elements (previously named The Dragons' Eye Chronicles) revamped! i've decided it's high time i go through my finished books and touch them up, fixing grammar and such, as well as adding more details and such!

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The Chronicle of the Elements

Book I: Fireclaw

Chapter 1: Forgetting friends

"You don't ever, ever, ever talk to her like that." I growl at the scrawny seventh grader who had been assaulting Ali. "Apologize. Now."

The boy mumbles something, but it sure as heck isn't an apology. I clench my fist tighter on the front of his pink t-shirt. He glanced back with a terrified expression at the rest of his pink t-shirt posse, obviously hoping they would intervene. They didn't, merely laughing the misfortune of him getting caught by an angry high school student. I looked back at them too, smiling when I turned back to face the kid who had been mean to my friend.

"They're no help, are they?" I say quietly, smiling a bit too sweetly. My green eyes glimmered, shifting to an unusual gold color. This only freaked the boy out more, to the point where he shouted, "Okay, okay I'm sorry! Just let me go!" He squeaks, thrashing uselessly in my grip. His eyes are wide and his voice is probably two octaves higher than normal.

"Scram." I mutter, letting go of his shirt. He did just that, running back to join the group of pink wearing guys with ear piercing and slit wrists. I couldn't decide if they were emo, or were just that stupid. I smirk at them and they decide to scramble to get away from the scary high school student with anger issues. They spun the other direction and all but ran away.

Ali lets out a puff of air as we continue on walking. "You didn't have to do that." She says sharply, her mouth forming a rigid line that says she is marginally angry with me.

"Oh, really? I know we have to deal with these people throughout school, but if one of them threatens to burn you on a stake, I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to get angry." I tell her simply, staring at the tiled floor. Just thinking about those jerks made me want to run after them and give them what they really deserve.

"Fine. Whatever." She gives me a twisted smile and her bad mood melts away like ice. "I guess it is kind of fun watching you freak them out though." She admits with a small laugh.

I chuckle. "It is fun, isn't it?" I check one of the nondescript clocks that hung from almost every wall in the school. "We should probably head down to orchestra." I say, noting that we had approximately two minutes to get there on time.

We always were the out crowd of two people, never really fitting anywhere in school. We had the entire orchestra class as friends, but that was only during class. Any time after first period those same people who talk, laugh, and have a good time with us, shun us moments later. Teachers despise us, claiming we cheated on every test we got an A on, then saying we are slacking, no good kids when we flunk one. The only person who was really consistent with us, other than each other, is Mrs. Toward. She is our music teacher, and the only one who doesn't think of us as witches to be avoided at all costs with a cross kept handy in case we get too close.

Ali and I both play instruments, her violin and viola, me harp and piano. She loves us, often commenting on our beautiful playing, and demanding we teach the class when she was out instead of the substitute teachers that had no sense of rhythm.

Still, one teacher doesn't really count when it comes to social status. So, we keep mostly to ourselves, having no opinions, no real reason for being at school, other than to sit there and look pretty.

We are, by the definition of photographers, beautiful. This only adds to the torment, because, well, witches must have spells that keep them looking beautiful, right?

Ali is a stunning 5', 8" with waist length chestnut brown hair and soft blue eyes that could turn to ice in an instant. I am 5', 6", and long black hair with a green streak running down it on one side, but my eyes change color. They were almost always green, but when I get angry or extremely upset, they shimmer to gold, making everyone to run and hide..

"Good morning Mrs. Toward," I say in a singsong voice as we walk through the door.

"Good morning, my dearies." She replies with a kind smile, not breaking pace with her song. She continues on playing her violin as people slowly siphon into the room, often carrying coffee mugs and cups, along with their breakfast as they sat down to finish eating while they talked with their friends.

"It was really cold last night so everything is probably really out of tune." Ali commented.

"Good thing we have perfect pitch," I say wryly, pulling my harp out its case. I drag a finger across all the strings, smiling; it's still in tune.

Likewise, Ali pulls out her viola, groaning when all of its string plinked in an out of tune style.

"First string is what, C?"

"Yeah." She says, struggling with her tuning pegs.

I obediently pluck the appropriate C string on my harp for her to tune to.

My harp was a giant one. It was a floor harp, with exactly 7 and half octaves. Normally they only have 6 and a half. Yeah. It's huge. It is a pain to lug around, but when I do play for audiences out in the streets of Pittsburgh I make an easy twenty bucks an hour.

Another thing worth mentioning—Ali and I are orphans. Just another thing to add to the list of why we're weird.

We've already had several people say things like 'I don't blame their parents for leaving them at an orphanage. They'd be terrible children to keep in line.'

We aren't related, though we really are like sisters. We go through everything together.

The bell rung a painful F sharp, making me wince. What was the point of the bell anyway? At this school, kids showed up to class whenever they wanted, and the teachers often say they dismiss us, not the bell.

"Okay! Let's get ready! First song… Everybody get out Sadness and Sorrow."

"I love this song." I murmured. Ali snickered beside me. "Not because it's from Naruto. I don't even like that show."

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

We were maybe half way through the piece when the phone rang, effectively ruining the song.

About a month ago, Mrs. Toward actually ripped the phone off the wall when it interrupted us in the middle of a song. We all kept playing as we are taught to when something happens in the middle of a performance, and Mrs. Toward just set the phone on the floor and continued conducting. Someone had replaced it a few days later, but after that we received less calls during class time.

"Uh huh. Okay. I'll send them down," Mrs. Toward says, sounding bored and slightly annoyed at the interruption.

"The office wants to see you two," Mrs. Toward says, pointing at us as she hangs up the phone.

"Set another house on fire, witches?" Shannon snarls quietly so only we could hear. She had to be the meanest violin player in the world.

"Yeah." I snarl back, entirely too serious. "Yours."

She starts at the suggestion, and then smiles evilly, realizing I was being sarcastic.

Ali tugs on my arm, pulling me away as I carefully set down my instrument.

Shannon tries unsuccessfully to smother her laughter while Ali drags me away from her after noticing I was about two seconds away from punching the bitch in the face.

When we arrive in the office, things don't seem quite right. It was if everyone was frozen. One of the secretaries is in the middle of writing a green pass for a student that was glued in place. The other secretary simply stares transfixed on the bright blue computer screen, probably blinding herself unknowingly.

"Ah, you two have arrived," says an unfamiliar voice with a bored sigh. It was a boy, probably only a few years older than me. Wind blown black hair nearly obscures his eyes from view, but his eyes still glinted an impossibly dark brown that looked almost black. He's dressed in all red and black, looking positively evil, as if he'd just jumped out of some medieval online game. "We should probably get going now—." He stands up and stretches his arms over his head, yawning.

"Wait. We are not going anywhere with you. We don't even know who you are." I protested.

The kid shook his head and glances around as if we might have been avoiding someone. "Right. Well then, I'm Ceriz." He looks past me and at the clock sitting on the reception desk. "Seriously though. We have to go."

I roll the name around in my head. It doesn't really sound like it came from any foreign countries I knew of, but I could be wrong.

"Why?" Ali pipes up, peeking over my shoulder.

"Because, we're in danger, and we have to hurry. Need a dictionary? 'Cause I don't think you understand the meaning of the word 'hurry'. Now, come on." Ceriz says, exasperated by our slowness.

We are still not convinced.

"I think you need a dictionary, cause I don't think you understand the requirements of kidnapping. Where's the candy and the white van with no windows?" I ask angrily, my eyes flashing gold.

He smiles brilliantly, a rather unexpected reaction to my eyes changing color. What ever happened to running and screaming?

"We could use more people like you in the guild." He said dryly, apparently meaning my sense of humor.

"What are you talking about? World of Warcraft? We're in the 21st century pal! Unless you're talking KKK or the Illuminati I have no clue what you're talking about." I say, waving my arms around crazily. They aren't necessarily guilds, but to me it was the same difference. They were both groups of people that did terrible things, and I wasn't about to join in with any of them. Either way though, this kid is a pycho if he thinks we'll willingly go with him.

"Explain first," Ali demands, catching my drift.

"Fine, but I think I showing you would be better. Words won't be able to describe this." was his reluctant answer.

"What will you be showing us?" I asked, feeling to suspicious to rate it on any scale of one to a million. I wanted to play along, though I knew it was dangerous… what had he done to make me be swayed so easily?

"My pet. She's a very rare breed."

"Riiiight…" I say slowly, rolling my eyes.

"We're going to have to go out side, so if you know any open routes to get out, say them now." He said.

I snatched the little green pass booklet out of the secretaries hand, and wrote us a pass that was supposedly from the Video Pro Tech teacher.

"We can go trough the music hall." I say simply. "I'll tell Mrs. Toward we're working on our video project and need to film outside."

"Smart." He says approvingly, his grin widening.

"One more thing." I say before we walk out, just now remembering the frozen people. "How'd you do that?" I ask, pointing to one of the statue like people.

He shrugs as if it's no big deal. "Magic."

I stare at him, scowling. "Right. Let's just get this over with." What can I say? I'm intrigued… I want to know what it is that is so important and what it has to do with us of all people…

When we walk out of the office he snaps his fingers, and the people buzz back to life as if nothing had happened.

"Mrs. Toward? We have a pass to go finish our project in Video pro tech, but we have to go out side. Is it cool if we go out through this door?" I even pull a video camera out of my book bag that sat on the floor next to my seat. Since when did I have that?

"That's fine. If you'll be out there long, you might want to put your stuff away." She replies, putting down her violin. The rest of the class playa on. Shannon gapes at us, noticing the cute boy who stands next to me without the lightest hint of revulsion toward us.

"Okay, we shouldn't take too long." I smile, but still put my instrument away quickly. Ali did the same.

"Hurry up…" Ceriz said quietly, tapping his foot.

"All right, let's go." I grumble, grabbing my bag before we headed out the door. Ceriz waves back at Mrs. Toward with a grin as we walk out and she waves back with a wry smile.

I shiver as a blast of cold air sliced right through me, pulling at my hair and tangling it.

We continue until the school was almost out of sight, bordering the woods that surrounded the building on all sides.

"Here's good." He decides, stopping so suddenly I run right into him.

Ceriz smiles, than whistled three sharp notes that pierce the winter air.

We waited for about five minutes before I finally ask out of annoyance, "How much longer do we have to freeze out here?"

"Well… Oh wait, here she comes." He says, motioning far ahead to the north. A dark blue creature flew closer and closer, seeming to go a mile a second.

"Oh my god…" I whisper, as she came closer. I could see her clearly nowm the shimmering scales, reminiscent of an ocean in the midst of a storm... the sail like wings…

"Girls, meet Korra."

"Korra is a…." Ali murmurs, in fear as well as awe.

'A dragon.' The beast herself answers.