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Chapter 12: Where the Story Ends

"Sonya!" Ali squeaked, rushing in to give me a hug. Maranda and Ceriz stayed outside, talking quietly to each other.

"Ouch!" I yelped when she squeezed a little too hard. Ali immediately retracted, tugging her arms away and keeping them tight against her sides for fear of hurting me.

"Sorry I didn't tell you I was leaving." I apologized quickly. "I really wasn't thinking or some-."

"Don't worry about it." She laughed, not used to getting apologies from the likes of me. "Next time, just take me with you."

"You nearly died." Maranda said bluntly, walking up to us with Ceriz behind her. She smiled brilliantly.

"Aren't ya glad I saved your life?"

"Yeah. I owe you one." I smiled back at her, really meaning it. I did owe her. Big time.

"You ready to go?" Ceriz asked.

I gave Ali one last loose and gave Maranda a hive five. "Let's go."

My wound had been healed relatively all the way, but a little bit of pain still was there, most prominent when I walked. There was no way I'd be able to run any faster than about two miles per hour without falling over. I held onto the music box. Asirion might want to see it.

It was a slow and quiet walk to Asirion's house, a rather awkward silence keeping either of us from starting a discussion.

I decided to begin one with my lame people skills.

"So. Nice weather we're having."

Ceriz burst out laughing and after a second I started laughing to, saying through my giggles "What was even funny about that?"

He shook his head, still trying to stop. "I don't…. know."

After we stopped, we got all serious again, and I asked, "So what does Asirion want? I'm guessing you already told him what happened."

"Yeah. Says he figured out the riddles that the girl had. Apparently he's got something important for us to do." His smile started to fade away as we became serious again.

"Really? Cool. Hope it doesn't involve getting stabbed." My bad joke feel hideously flat, and only succeeded in making the silence that followed all the more unbearable

"Yeah. About that…" He started. I stopped him, holding up one finger.

"I meant what I said… kinda. Well… I'm not sure. I just know that we're more than friends. I stepped in front of you cause I wanted to." I sort of stuttered at the beginning, but I gained confidence as I went.

"Later." He mumbled. We had arrived at Asirion's place. After a deep breath I stepped in first, Ceriz right behind me.

I bowed a little, feeling slightly ridicules in my dainty clothes. I wore only a white sundress that didn't even make to my knees. "Asirion…"

"Ah, my dear!" Asirion called, coming down the stairs that made a tight spiral around. His eyes gleamed as he saw me, seeming completely happy to know I was okay.

I smiled back at him, somewhat happy to see him too.

"Take a seat!" He said as he made his way down, "I wouldn't have you two standing! Not in your condition," He added.

We glanced at each other and shrugged, taking a seat on the big fluffy pillows on the floor.

Asirion joined us after a moment, taking something from a big chest. He hid it from view behind his back, and sat like that, making sure we didn't know what it was he held.

"I'm hoping you brought the music box with Sonya?"

"Yes." I pulled it from my shallow pocket and handed it to him.

He took it in one hand, keeping the other behind his back still. After a while he said, "Music has always been a very powerful force. You know, us air users actually tend focus our power through signing. Quiet fun, really." Asirion sighed and finally took the thing from behind his back. It was another music box, similar in shape and size, but the design was all too different. It looked like swirls, colliding and mixing, making bigger swirls.

"I have two—no, three—important things to tell you. This is the first," He handed me the box after cranking the key in the back a few times. I opened it up, and a pretty melody.

"That is the melody of Air. The song that in essence represents all we air users are. It is our theme, so to say. This is how the very first spells were made. Hum that melody while you think what you want the air to do, and it happened. This was created purely by chance, but the others were not. Three others were made, water, earth and fire. There are ancient dating before anyone decided to write it down."

"Oh, so this is Air and that one is water?" I said, Asirion holding the water one and me still looking at the air one.

"Correct. But, another was made after that, by four others that was not meant—nor should-to exist. Shadow." He smiled at me. "Keep that in mind."

Asirion changed the subject to important thing number 2. "You remember the prophecy that the oracle gave you right before you left right?"

"Two plus two equals four, two you have, you need two more. Yeah." I repeated it quickly. The girl was imprinted in my memory, her every word stuck on my mind like someone had opened my skull and got crazy with the gorilla glue.

"Over the centuries there has been a pattern. Four children would surface, excelling at their elements and becoming better than any master. Fate always would bring them together. They'd share a unique bond, and would be unstoppable when fighting together as a team."

"Sooo…?" I prompted, swirling my hand in the air.

"The oracle, knows that you are two of the four."

"Wait." Ceriz said, speaking for the first time. He glanced between me and Asirion quick, his head on a swivel. "You think we're the most powerful of our clans?"

"I know you are. Oracles can see into the future, you know." He laughed quietly before going back to seriousness. Anyhow, the first group of four created this music box. It enhanced their power greatly, and they were already too powerful to control themselves. They called it Shadowsong."

"This is all good and dandy, but what are you saying? Because it sounds like you're saying we need to go after this music box thing. But then it sounds like we need to find the other two. And where does his dad come into this?" My voice was a squeak by the end of the sentence.

Asirion just smiled wider. "Firstly, I'm going to send you to find the other two of the four. I know where they are. Secondly I know where the music box is. Thirdly, Falacis is the one that has it." Now his smile was gone, wiped off his face as he gave the bad news.

He tried to bring it back, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. "We shall deal with that when we get there, agreed?"

I nodded, and sat silently for a minute, trying to take in all of the knowledge he had just given out.

"So." He said as he stood up, going back over to the chest and rummaging through it again. He pulled out a wad of green and started counting it. "The others are both about your age. They are in they're freshman year at Crescent Valley High school. Randall Korff and Rebecca Karter, or rather, Randy and Becca."

Asirion passed me about half of it, and I realized what it was. About thirty crisp, barely handled twenty dollar bills. I did the math quick. That was about six hundred dollars. About five hundred and ninety-nine more than I had ever seen in my life.

"What is this for!" I squeaked.

"You two are going back to school. I'd think it odd if you went with a sword on your hip and armor on your backs. It's for shopping of course." He laughed again, the musical sound seeming to lift the mood by tenfold.

Ceriz stared at me with worried eyes. He probably had never gone shopping before. I could help with that.

"So. We're going to the school to get them to come with us?" Ceriz asked doubtfully.

"No. If it were that simple I could just send you." Asirion replied to Ceriz. "We need to befriend them first. I doubt their parents will let them go so easily."

"Wait. No." I stopped him suddenly, "They have parents." It was a fact, not a question.

"Yes." Asirion wasn't quite sure where this was headed. "They're both widows though. Randy's father was killed in the war, as was Becca's mother."

"Our war? So they know about the guild?"

"They're living relative, no."

"So, we're basically taking these kids from their parents who have already lost they're loved ones fighting in a war they never knew about?"

Asirion sighed. "It is the only way. You will stay for about a month then we will have to tell the parents there is a foreign student exchange or something to that degree. So they can stay with us for some while."

"Or we could tell them the truth," Ceriz suggested in a monotone.

"Not an option." Asirion closed the subject with that, not taking any more suggestions from us.

"You leave in the morning." Asirion started, taking from his sleeve two papers. Our class schedules. I grimaced.

"But Sonya…" Ceriz called after Asirion, who had started going back up the stairs again.

Asirion sighed again. "I know she is not in the best of shape, but we have little time. Goodbye. If I were you, I would go get something to wear on your first day tomorrow." He disappeared.

Ceriz and I just stared at each other, unsure what to do


Men hate shopping. Ceriz hates it even more than said typical men.

"How do you wear stuff like that?" He asked me incredulously when I walked out of the dressing room in Kohl's wearing jeans and a pretty strapless turquoise top and four inch heels. Now I was almost as tall as him.

"What, heels?" I asked meekly, looking at my reflection and deciding whether or not I liked it.

"Yeah. Looks more like something you could stab someone with. Not shoes."

"Eh," I shrugged. "Tactical advantage in case we get attacked." I eyed him oddly, noticing he hadn't picked anything out. "Do I have to find something for you?"

"I don't want anything. I just wanna know where Asirion got this money."

We took one look at each other and said at the same time, "Maranda,"

I pulled him over toward the guy's section, and he tried to resist, but I still managed to drag him over there. I grabbed a bunch of t-shirts and some jeans close to his size and pushed them into his arms. I also grabbed a few different color button-up plaid shirts and a black leather belt, adding that to the growing pile he held.

"Try the jeans on at least. Make sure they fit." I told him. I headed back over to the girls dressing room to try on one of my last outfits. On the way I walked past the most gorgeous dress I'd ever seen. It was a deep blue, with a low neckline encrusted with jewels in a beautiful pattern. It was mermaid style, and would probably be good to wear to a formal event. Which was the only excuse I needed to snatch it off the rack and run with it back to the dressing room.

I slid into the silky material and stared at my reflection. One-inch straps kept it from slipping off my skin. I looked great. Pretty, actually. I noticed that the green strip in my hair was no longer green, but instead was now a dark blue. Wonder how that happened.

I struggled with the zipper for a while.

A tentative knock on the door scared me.

I cracked the door to see Ceriz, looking like a totally different guy in casual clothes. He wore the loose black jeans I had found with a white undershirt and the blue plaid shirt.

"You look hot," I said without thinking. I clapped a hand over my mouth, eyes wide as I processed what I just blurted out.

He stared at me, mouth open. "Wha..?"

I stepped out of my room, holding the front of my dress and turning my back to him. "Can you get the zipper quick?" I squeaked out to distract him.

"Uhhh… Yeah." He zipped it up quick. I spun around, the dress flowing elegantly around me. I found it rather hard to walk in this already, and the reoccurring pain from my injury made it harder.

"You look hot," He admitted. He smiled at me, "And I'm not ashamed to say it."

I blushed a brilliant shade of red.

"Thanks," I mumbled, a little tongue-tied. I went back in the dressing room, and put my stuff back on, carrying my outfits and and shoes out. Ceriz waited out there for me, already done.

"So what's the occasion?"

"Oh, nothing really. It's just in case there's something formal we have to go to." I replied quickly.

He frowned. "I should probably get something like that too."

"Maybe later. I'm not even sure what were going to be doing while we're there. I just wanna sleep." I said with a yawn. I perked up when I saw the perfect heels to go with my dress.

Ceriz just smiled quietly to himself as I looked at them.



We were staying in a nice furnished apartment on the edge of Philadelphia Asirion had found us. Don't know how he did it, but he did.

The school was approximately a mile from where we were staying and we had to walk to and fro. So, two miles of walking. I was glad to have picked up some sneakers, but I was less than pleased in my tired state.

"Ugh." I muttered from where I had fallen on the couch when we had arrived. "School. The very word makes me want to randomly fall down to flights of stairs." I said into a plushy pillow.

"Move." Ceriz says simply, hitting me lightly on the shoulder with a rolled up piece of paper. "You're sleeping on the bed. I get the couch."

I grunted and got up after a second, nearly stumbling and falling. Ceriz caught me. I looked into his eyes a long second and then he let me go like his touch might burn me. He did feel warmer than a usual person might.

"We gotta formulate a plan for tomorrow. What do we tell people?" I asked, leaning against the door frame.

"Asirion just said we have to tell them we're two orphans from Pittsburgh, here because we might get adopted. Not related though."

"Okay." I agreed easily, rubbing my aching head as pain slowly formed behind my left eye. "Let's go from there."

We made up our plan, talking till about midnight when he caught me falling asleep at the small dining room table.

He picked me up easily and set me on the bed in the next room without waking me up.

I woke up a tiny bit later when he turned off all the lights and it finally hit me.

I'm the most powerful of the water clan, and I was going to go back to High school.

Life really does suck sometimes, but hopefully this was leading to something better.

Or not.

The End


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