Baby, why are you out so late?

Are you lost? Are you alone?

Don't cry, I'll take care of you.

Take my hand,

Honey, follow me home.

Is the darkness frightening?

Nothing can hurt you here.

Give me a smile, that's a good girl.

See? I can keep you safe, love,

Have a little faith.

Aren't you tired,

Precious girl?

Please, don't mind me.

Everyone needs rest,

Now close your eyes and sleep.

Tonight's a night for magic where

Once upon a time

Likes to deal

In happy endings.

Tonight, I'll sing you lullabies

To soothe your troubled mind.

Listen for a while, and I'll

Erase from you your nightmares


In the morning, you won't even

Remember a whisper of them.

Leave it up to me, and

Send a smile my way, sweetie.

I will keep you here. Safe, that is.

Nothing I do will hurt you.

Tomorrow, I'll show you that

Having fun is


Darling, stop crying now

And do what I say.

Reality is what I make it--

Knavery is how I play.




(knavery [n]--1. a deceitful or dishonest act 2. dishonest conduct; trickery)