For Literally Going Through Hell....More than Once

My mind is twisted

My mind is made up

My heart is beating

My breaths are even

How much has your life changed?

On your side, is it like an alternate universe?

Your mind is bleeding

Your mind is constantly changing

Your heart is beating, unfortunately

Your breaths are coming short

Please let my thoughts synchronize with yours

Please let me allow myself to open up

There is no way I couldn't accept you

No way I couldn't remember you

For having a disgusting personality, can I offer my mouth which has spoken so many hurtful words to you?

Just tape me up again, the wounds will heal eventually no matter how infected they get

This is about you, and you need to heal perfectly

Your universe is turning, and your perspective is dark

Just like the eyeliner that I'm sure constantly runs down your cheeks

Even if we stand and scream, our personal Hells won't be extinguished

I'm here for you

You're here for me

For once, our sides are the same

Forgive me

You forgave me

Thank you.