Loving Nothing

The teacher drones on.

Words flow from me in a rush,

I write this for you,

I'm a mask of in differ

But inside I'm crying, I'm breaking,

I'm trying to make sense of all these emotions

Because I know, our world is crashing,

I know that it's, not beautiful, or ugly,

It, is nothing.

My love, is nothing.

And I gave it to you,

I wrapped it in the dark sky,

I wrapped it in your glazed over eyes, the way I remember them

We are lost in the high,

And it promises everything,

But, it's not.

My emotions crash around inside me,

In a storm, in the fast darkness, drowning,

Making my world spin fast,

Making me lose sight of what's right, and what's wrong,

Making me lose sight, of you.

My world calms,

I wish the storm was over, but it still rages on

My chest is ripped in pain.

I can't stand to watch you,

I can't stand to watch your world burn,

It brings tears to my eyes

I can't, I can't,

I won't, I won't

But I do. I love it.

I know that it's, not beautiful, or ugly,

It, is nothing.

My love is nothing

It's like the thought of you holding my heart,

It blinds my eyes,

Filling me with pain.

Filling me with love,

It forces me to remember,

Nothing, Everything,

For every thought to haunt me,

To catch me, and to never let go.

For me to drown in them,

Like drowning in a pool of sorrow

In a pool of everything and nothing

I'm trying to be your everything,

But I am, not

I'm not beautiful or ugly

I am nothing

My love is nothing

You broke it, broke me.

Looking for your internal high, your life goes up in smoke,

This, is nothing,

We are nothing.

A single lingering kiss, burned into my mind,

It brings tears to my eyes.

Like the thought of you leaving me

It makes me sad, and lonely.

You promised me everything.

But you, are not, I, am not, we, are not.

You're not beautiful or ugly

You are nothing

My love is nothing

I cling to you,

I cling to your heart,

Your life burns away,

In the high you left me for.

My heart burns with it,

I scream for the pain. But I love it,

My heart, is spinning quickly out of control.

Like a raging tornado in my chest

You are a permanent figure in my mind. You'll stay there forever.

My love promises everything,

My world burns just like yours,

My world burns, scouring my skin,

You, were my world.

I feel nothing, now that you are gone

Like falling in an endless abyss

We're not beautiful or ugly

We are nothing

My love, is nothing,

I couldn't live, my life or your life.

I'm laughing for you. I'm crying for you.

Loving you breaks my heart everyday,

Loving you crushes me

I love you, I love us.

You are nothing.

We, are nothing.

We, are a lies.

So I bleed myself dry,

Forever we, are nothing.

Loving you is like loving nothing.