"Harley get your ass out of bed NOW!" yelled Mum. I stumbled out of bed, almost tripping over my super long pyjama pants.

"Mum, I didn't have to be up for another hour!" I yelled back at her when I realised that the time was only 6.30am.

"At least you won't be late to school for once," she huffed and I groaned as I got my breakfast ready. I'm Harley, aged 16 and I live in London. I have long brown slightly wavy hair and hazel eyes. I am about to go on exchange to Australia for four months as part of my school contribution. I was one of the lucky ones who were picked to go, and I absolutely cannot wait to go. I mean I love England but it is so damn cold and I can't stop daydreaming about lying on the beaches over there that I keep getting yelled at for it. My stuff was packed, ready to leave tomorrow morning. I got dressed into my uniform and grabbed my bag before putting my earphones in my ears and listening to my favourite music as I walked to school. As I walked down the path to go into school, I was bombarded by my friends.

"I'm going to miss you so much!"

"Don't leave!"

"When do you get back?"

"Guys! Chill, I can still talk to you on Facebook and stuff," I said and they instantly calmed down. I didn't pay much attention in class because I was too busy daydreaming of my so called holiday Down Under. I got home and couldn't sleep I was that excited. Finally, I calmed down and fell asleep at 2am. I had to get up in four hours. I would be so tired.


Well, I got the being tired part right. I was woken up by Mum at 6am and she literally pulled me out of bed. I got dressed and packed the last of my things before getting driven to the airport. I met up with the other two students who were going with me, but they were both boys and I didn't really know them even though they were in my grade. I waited the ridiculous time I had to wait before boarding the plane and when we took off, I fell asleep for almost the entire time.

We arrived in Australia and when we got through customs and outside the airport to where we were getting picked up, I had to take my jumper off because it was so much warmer here and it was night time too. The others got dropped off at a different house to where I was staying, and when I got out of the car I was a lot nervous. The house was like a mansion compared to where I lived in London! I knocked on the door and heard footsteps on the other side coming towards me. A woman opened it and invited me inside.

"You must be the exchange student! Welcome to our home, I'm Lee and this is my husband Ray. Adam, your billet is in his room, he said he didn't want to meet you." What a wonderful thing to say. After having spent all day on a plane and coming into a country I knew hardly anything about, turns out my billet doesn't want to meet me when he was the one who put his hand up to take me in? I would definitely be acting rude towards him over the next couple of days as payback.