He was leaning back into the cheap plastic chair, stretching to make it balance on its back legs. "Doc, what does it mean to dream about a box? Not a cardboard box. More like.. a box made of glass. Except this type of glass is reflective so it's not possible to look inside."

Dr. Christopher Jannings pushed his slipping glasses back up to the bridge of his nose. "Do you dream about this box often, James?"

"Answer my question first and I'll consider answering yours, Doc."

Dr. Jannings cleared his throat. "Well, it can be interpreted various ways. A box symbolizes one's instinctual desires and destructive impulses. Sometimes, our thoughts and feelings or events in our lives are much too overwhelming for us to deal with, so we put them away in a mental box. We do this without realizing it. Think of it like spring cleaning for our brains. How often do you see this box in your dreams?"

"Can people ever see inside their boxes?"

"They can open them, yes. It usually occurs when they have a moment of great insight into who they really are."

Silence blanketed the study of Dr. Jannings. The sun shone through the double arched windows behind James, reflecting a fierce glare off his dark hair. His pale skin seemed to glow in the light, especially with the contrast of the darkly painted office and the gothic type furniture in the background.

James stopped leaning and let the chair fall back to tiled floor with a rather loud snap. "I'll never be able to see inside my box then."

Dr. Jannings brought his hand up to his chin. "Why do you say that, James?"

The teenage boy shrugged and began to get up from his chair. "Sorry for bothering you at home, Doc."

"James, there's no need to-"

But he was already gone.

The Psychiatric Analysis of James M. Celiano


Dr. Melissa Trian
Dr. Christopher Jannings

Patient is James Matthew Celiano, 17, currently the foster child of Noah and Paige Calloway. Patient is obsessed with dreams and is constantly searching for the various meanings of certain objects and events that occur within his dreams. Patient most likely suffers from a mild form of schizophrenia, resulting in an awareness of his own skewed reality.

Patient once vividly described seventy different ways to commit suicide during a session with Dr. Trian. When finished, patient began to laugh. When asked why he was laughing, patient answered:

"I once had a dream that I was standing on a chair underneath the willow in the Calloways' backyard. There was a noose around my neck. Noah and Paige and my mom and Emily were there. It was sunny, like a normal summer day. Emily came up to me and said 'Open the box, James'
(Patient pauses)
and then she pulled the chair from underneath me. The rope didn't snap my neck so I was just hanging there, suffocating and kicking. And just as I was about to die in my dream, I realized the rope was licorice. Fucking licorice!
(Patient begins to laugh again)
I looked up the meaning of a willow later that day. It can mean two things: the mourning and loss of a person or the rebirth of an old soul."