Author's Note- This is the prologue to a manga/anime based (much like the style used in Full Metal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa) story that I've been working on since last fall. Throughout the story there will be mentions of books, movies, famous people, and music, lots and lots of music (and all mentioned things belong to their owners/creators and not me.) Most of the series has been inspired music, from the characters' names, to much of the plot. And please forgive me for any miss-spellings and any other errors because I am grammatically challenged. Now about the plot, to sum it up 10th Generation is about a 10 wolf-human hybrids who spent their entire lives in a research facility being harshly experimented on by cruel scientists. They are eventually able to escape and end up living comfortably for years with aid of a befriended human. But this peace is disturbed when the scientist locate them and the group is forced to go on the run. Throughout their journeys they each face their own dark pasts from when they were experiments and deal with desires for the future. So, yeah that's basically it. I admit it's not such a great description, but i swear the actual story is much better, so I strongly suggest reading it and leaving a review! Sorry for the above, long author's not is long.~

10th Generation

Prologue: Breakout

They ran quickly through what seemed to be a deserted urban city. All twenty of them ran swiftly through alleyways, and puddles, and over a chain link fence. Shots echoed in the night and armed men with guns pursued them. But they prisoners knew they had the advantage over them. Because they were unlike armed men. They weren't human. Well, that's not entirely true. They were part human, and also part wolf. Genetically altered humans who, for years, had been imprisoned by cruel scientists and used in dangerous experiments, and were themselves experiments. They looked almost exactly like wolves; if they hadn't been wearing the drab, off-white uniforms they would've been mistaken as such. They also could walk on their back legs like regular humans, and on all fours (but that was discouraged).

The shots were coming closer and the group was growing panicked that their leader wouldn't be able to find a way out in time

"It's not much further!" he called back behind him, " we're almost there!"

Just as he said so they came to an even higher fence, and the guards were coming closer with each passing second. They all scrambled to climb over the fence, as shots whizzed passed them and the guards came into view. The unfortunate last to climb the fence was shot through his leg and fell to back to ground with a cry of pain. There he received three more shots that ended his life in an instant. None of the others saw this; they just keep running.

At this point the guards were directly on their tails, and two more were shot down within a few moments of each other, and their deaths only spurred the group to move faster. Finally they came to an open yard in front of the compound, with the barbed-wire gate within their sights. They made a mad run towards and the sound of men and cars came ever closer. Just yards from the gate three large black jeeps encircled them on all sides. The jeep blocking their only exit, their only chance of freedom, rumbled menacingly. Inside the open topped vehicle an older man in his late fifties stood up holding a bullhorn. On either side of him uniformed man aimed their rifles at the group ready and waiting to fire. The was dressed in a black button down shirt and tan pants covered by a white lab coat. He wore square, wire-framed glassed behind which cold, steel colored eyes stared out at the escapees. His hair was short, with short bangs and a faded black with strong hints of grey. His upper lip was covered with a thick, yet well trimmed, mustache that twitched with disgust as he spoke into the bullhorn.

"So you thought you could escape?" he taunted in his cold, heartless voice, "you thought that you could just breakout? Hah! Did you even consider the guards? Or were you just going to wing it and hope for best? Now that you've had you're fun, how about going back inside so we can decide your punishment?"

"NO!" shouted the leader of the group shouted defiantly, "We'll never go back to being your lab rats!"

"One, why did have to betray us like this? You were the best and brightest of your entire division." Replied the scientist with mock disappointment.

"Don't act like you care," retorted the leader, One, "I'm sick and tired of being treated like an animal that's unfit to live, we all are! We're all tired of watching our comrades die from abuse, or your experiments Kronos! We want our freedom now! And we will have it! Also," he said shifting into a fighting stance, "the name's Buck, now."

"Well then, Buck," spat Neil Kronos sarcastically, "how do you and your little followers plan to get out of this situation if you're all so determined to have your freedom?"

"Like this," replied Buck calmly, giving toothy grin and leaning back on his hind legs taking a similar position to a sprinter waiting for a signal. And then in flash, before Kronos could give a command to his men, Buck had sprung forward and in one bound caught the man in the passenger seat off guard. With immeasurable speed, Buck clamped his powerful jaw down on the side of the man's neck instantly killing him. Then standing on the hood of the jeep, holding the dead man by the back of his neck, Buck let out a haunting, drawn out howl, while blood ran down his mouth and neck. This caused everyone, including Kronos, who had been knocked down by the force of Buck's impact on the jeep and was now clutching the seat, froze and fell silent in disbelief and horror. Then as Buck's howl ended he called out the other seventeen,

"Now's our chance! Move!" then proceeded to leap off the jeep and plow through the locked fence with such force, he ripped it right out of its hinges.

And within a split second they took off. Moving around the car, some leaping over the hood of the jeep, then through the gateway and into the cool, dark night.

Kronos, now coming to his senses, jumped up and yelled, "Well don't just stand there! Go after them!" and at his command the jeeps all barreled forward, "I want their pelts in my trophy room," he growled as they got underway.

A thick cover of trees on each side surrounded the dirt road. It was on of three roads that lead into the compound. As the group sprinted along it they became more sparse and spread out. Buck stayed behind at the back of the group to make sure no one fell behind. In front of him ran Fifteen, who was struggling to keep up now. His scrawny, underfed body could only go so fast and was quick to tire. He panted heavily and Buck ran on his right side. As Fifteen looked over at him, he could see the dark stains that ran down his front and down his shirt. I can't believe he killed a human thought Fifteen to himself. He also noticed a messenger bag hanging from his shoulder,

It was quiet now, the only sound he could hear besides the others' footsteps, and his own labored breathing was the jingling noise of his dog tag flopping against his chest. How long does this road go on for? Fifteen thought panic-stricken. He could faintly make out the sound of moving water, which meant they were close. Then, just as a wave of relief was washing over him, his sensitive ears twitched catching the sound of three engines, he glanced over at Buck who called "you've have to hurry or they'll get us!"

"I can't," wheezed Fifteen, "just go on without me."

"No. I won't leave anyone behind." He stated sternly. Fifteen marveled at how determined Buck was to save all of them. Then from out of nowhere there came a shooting from behind them "Damn," cursed Buck, "they must have night vision, I was hoping the coming storm would dampen their vision but it doesn't seem to have any effect," he said looking up at the starless sky as bullet cut through the side of Fifteen's shirt.

Fifteen picked up his speed, but he was still slow and now he couldn't hear the others. A clap of thunder startled him and then he heard a yelp of pain, turning in time to see Buck drop away from his side. "BUCK!" he shouted running to the aid of his leader. Buck had been shot in the side. It wasn't fatal, but not painless either. Buck staggered to his feet and Fifteen grabbed his muscular arm in assistance.

Buck jerked his arm away, grasping his side "don't just stand there! You have to go!" Fifteen stood there, not moving, frozen in fear. "Didn't you hear me? GO! Forget about me!" as he spoke two more bullets struck through his abdomen and with a cry of pain he fell to his knees. Fifteen was still frozen, what do I do? What do I do? He is our leader, all we have! What do I do? He thought. Hearing the vehicles come closer, Buck struggled with one arm to take the messenger bag off and hold it up to Fifteen, "Here," he gasped, "take this, it has everything you need, but you need to hurry."

"But…what'll happen to you?" Fifteen stammered.

Buck winced, "it doesn't matter what happens to me now," the headlights of the first jeep were now in view, "you're in charge, you're their leader now. Now GO!"

And with that, Fifteen grabbed the messenger bad, slinging it over he shoulder, and took off at a full sprint with a new sense of urgency. Looking back, he caught a glimpse of Buck doubled over and covered in blood just as the jeep pulled directly in front of him, blocking him from view.

There was thunder in the distance, and flickers of lightning, as Fifteen ran toward the opening of the road. He heard the deadly noise of a rifle being loaded, he turned to hear a howl, like some sort of siren, go up. Fifteen halted dead in his tracks, body going numb. He closed his eyes tight as a bolt bright of lightning flashed across the sky just as the howl was cut off by a boom of thunder. ~

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