Doesn't She?
3.6 Lulu, '11

You hear me.
You hear me
All the time.

Nothing worse
Than hearing the horror
And letting it go.
Letting it drown within
Your very own ears.

You hear the sorrow,
The misunderstanding.
You make it go away.

What do you make go

There is nothing there.
You're hearing things.

She doesn't exist.
Who is she?
Why do you think of her
When she's just a part
Of your imagination?

She wants you.
She wants you
Out of here.

She doesn't exist.
She who?
I'm she?
I don't exist.

You made her up.
You made me up.
You wish you did.

Don't mess around
Listening to those voices.

I am the voice that's telling you
That you should not forget.
I wasn't nonexistent.

It's all your fault.
All of it.
I don't exist.