See that person staring back at you?

Do you even want to see that person?

Break that mirror so you can never see them again.

Take the shards and in your hand and grip it tight.

Can you feel the blood pouring down your hands?

Can you feel parts of your life dripping to the floor?

Do you enjoy the feel of it as you try to hold back tears?

Take the shard and cut yourself in every place that isn't perfect.

You'd want that wouldn't you?

It'd hurt you a lot less if you did that.

Which is worse the pain of the mirror or the pain in your heart?

Take the shard again and cut a little deeper.

Travel up your arms till you have to drop the shard.

Clutch it in your hands the best you can.

You're not finished yet.

Take off your shirt and cut your chest.

Cut your legs.

Cut every single thing that you hate.

Cut your stomach because it isn't perfect

Cut your arms because they are thin.

Keep cutting to try and numb the pain you feel.

Take a look at the shard again.

Take a look in the mirror you hate so much.

Take that shard again and finish the job.

Cut your face deeply.

Mar the beauty people say you have.

Cry as you think of their lies.

How they manipulate you.

Do it to the other side.

Take a look.

Let the shard fall to the ground and shatter again.

It's too small to do anything with now.

Your job is done though.

Your tears are soaking with your blood.

You feel like shit.

You know you're a bloody mess.

Blame them!


For lying to you.

Let your tears mix with your blood.

Fall to the floor and cry your heart out.

Admit it to everyone.

You hate yourself.


I write the most depressing things in my poetry I swear. I started feeling like this at a club so I decided I had to get it down. I hope at least one person out there enjoys it.