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The sleek black creature lifted its head, staring at the back door as it let out the smallest of meows, wondering where the owners of the house were. Rarely were they out at this time, and the poor thing was confused. It slunk back, wondering whether or not to just go home.

But it, he, did not want to go home. Going home would mean having to put up with the kittens of the people who lived in his house; they would be home from wherever they went during the day by now. He hated those kittens, hated the way they pawed at him and petted him when all he wanted was to be left alone.

It was why he usually found his way to this garden, to the two older humans who lived in this house, who gave him food and allowed him to curl up on their kitchen floor for a bit, before he left and returned home when it got dark, when he was sure those kittens would be asleep.

But they were not there, and the cat was confused.

So, he turned and stalked up the garden, looking out for something to do. Maybe there'd be a mouse he could catch, or a bird to chase, or something.

No such luck.

He glanced towards the wall that led to home, before looking to the other wall.

Maybe, he thought, it was time to go over that wall and see what lay on the other side.

So, the cat moved towards the large grey wall and leapt up, scrambling up until he was on the top.

From here, he could see another garden, a large, lush green garden with bushes around the edges, plenty of places for him to lie in the sun or hunt for some prey.

Elegantly, with the grace known to belong to felines, he leapt downwards, landing on a patch of grass before slinking around, exploring the garden.

Moments later, he heard a loud noise from the house.

Another sound, the slamming of a door, and a girl, slightly older than the human kittens he knew but not as old as his owners, appeared, withdrawing a long stick from a white box and putting it between her lips. The cat watched, curious, as she created fire from a small object. The end of the stick glowed orange, and slowly the cat crept towards her.

She took something out of her pocket, something the cat recognised and knew the humans called a phone. He sat, watching her, as she lifted the object to her ear and began to talk.

"Oh, Marie, I'm so pissed off, you won't believe it! Mum and dad have banned me from seeing Scott..."

The cat turned, leaping through the grass as he chased a fly, the girl continuing to talk behind him.

"I know, right, it's so stupid...they said it's because they heard he smokes weed, but, like, everyone does it..."

He skidded to a stop, turning around and facing the girl. She looked sad, he decided. She looked like how he felt when something bad happened; he'd seen that face on other humans, too, like the kittens when they had a toy taken away from them. He usually took pity on them, and decided now to do for the girl what he usually did for the kittens.

Slowly the cat approached her until he was standing at her feet, meowing up at her. She glanced down and smiled sadly, before kneeling and stroking him between his ears as she carried on her conversation.

Soon, she put the phone back into her pocket and said goodbye to the cat, smiling kindly at him before she returned inside. He thought she seemed better, anyway. Quickly, the cat moved towards the other wall and leapt up it, jumping down without surveying the garden.

He found himself surrounded by tall stems of grass; they stretched up and around him, a forest in its own right. The cat leapt upwards, spotting the house, and moved towards it, wondering if there would be less grass there. Although he liked the untamed wilderness, it was better when he was in the mood for hunting, and right now he was enjoying the last rays of sunlight.

"You stupid whore! How could you..."

The shouts send him scuttling backwards towards the grass, crouching down as he fixed his eyes on the house. The back door lead into a room with small windows facing the cat. The windows were open, and through them he could make out two shapes moving around.

"It was a mistake, all right? A stupid, fucking mistake..."

The high-pitched, female cry caused the cat to wince, as he crouched down in the grass, eyes fixed on the house, feeling just a bit scared by all the shouting.

Suddenly, the door flew open and a tall man stepped outside, half-turning to face the door and cursing some more. The cat's ears went back, detecting the anger and rage in the man. He hissed, and suddenly the man fell quiet, turning to the cat and scowling.

"June, what the fuck is that cat doing here?"

"How am I supposed to know?" she snapped back, appearing in the doorway, tears streaming down her face. "You think I have the answer to everything, Richard?"

"Scram!" Richard yelled, moving towards the cat. The cat hissed again before turning and running, leaping up and over the next wall and down into the garden, fearful of what the man would do if he lingered too long.

Soon the cat found himself a few more gardens down. The grass was cut short, and light brown boards rose up just above the ground near the house. He paced around, feeling the grass beneath his paws as he wondered what to do next.

The door at the back of the house opened, and the cat looked up to see a woman staggering out, a bottle in her hand. She moved to the decking, sitting on the edge of it as she lit up one of the sticks he had seen the other girl set on fire.

The woman swayed on the decking, holding the stick in one hand and the bottle in the other. The cat watched, curious, as she put the bottle to her lips and drank, droplets falling around her mouth, dripping down her chin. She withdrew the bottle and put the stick to her mouth, breathing in deeply.

She turned to the look at the cat.

"Scat!" she cried, throwing the bottle at him. He darted to the right, avoiding the glass, hearing it smash against the ground. The cat felt a sharp pain in his back and realised something had hit him. "I said scat!" she yelled, leaping up and staggering towards him, falling forward onto her knees as she glared at him.

The cat hissed, before darting back over the wall and running through the gardens until he reached home.

There, he lay on the grass, panting heavily from his run and closing his eyes, feeling the pain in his back and the liquid feel against his fur which meant he was bleeding.

"Oh, Jesus...Robert! Robert come here!"

The cat looked up to see one of his owners running out the house and towards him. She fell to her knees and put her finger near the pain, whispering soothing words and telling him it was going to be OK.

The cat decided that, from now on, he would stay closer to his own house, closer to his own, small world.