This is No Monarchy

Eyes that see right through me

Lies that twist apart my insides, twining my thoughts in such a demented way

You're the monster that breathes inside of me, moving my chest forward and back


I've lost control

The King of the Kingdom... Suiting, isn't it?

The feel of the power flooding through your veins

No, it's not power

It's black blood that I can't wait to see spill because of your mistakes

These deep and dark feelings that I conceal

I am just a servant, an advocate, not an equal

All over the floor, your list of insecurities

I can manipulate them one day when your whip snaps

There's not enough time to replace the weapons you once wielded

I've risen above the flooded influence

This is no monarchy, and you are not the King

This is now a dictatorship and you shall pay

Some day it will happen

I need control of my life

This is no monarchy....

My thoughts will echo to you

Some day they will reach

No monarchy...

This is not...

It's over.