I awoke on that cold unforgiving floor, a faint smell of something sour lingering around me.I groaned softly, rolling over in pain, I found there were bruises all over my body from my run-in with my captures, a night - two nights, two weeks, I didn't know - had done this to me, why was I here? What is going on?I was scared, possibly more scared than I have ever been in the gross darkness of that room.

It was so cold, and damp, that even with my thin jacket – the same one I had been wearing before my capture- zipped up to my chin, I felt completely naked.I've got to get out, I thought to myself. Carefully inching forward on my knees, I kept moving forward until my outstretched palm reached what I could only assume was a wall, it was hard and unnaturally smooth, and my fingers found no bumps or cracks along its surface.I ran my fingertips along it in what felt like a complete circle without every finding a single indention.


I lay there for what felt like hours. When, without warning, a flood of light lit up the room, causing me to cry out, in the harsh few minutes that followed I gradually I opened my eyes to see a room, completely made of glass except for the floor,made of solid steel. My hands had been running along the glass, which from what I could see, was crafted to serve like very large mirror of the room, men and women, all with white coats reading C.I.A on the breast pocket looked back at heart pounded even harder as they looked like a hurt animal curled up into a cage.

A woman behind me coughed twice.I spun around, still on the floor to face her.

"Hello Esme,' she said looking down at me.

I made no move to answer or stand up to meet her, I sat taking all my surroundings in, she was tall, I could tell, even with our current height difference and her eyes were extremely round and fascinatingly blue, her ears stuck out a little too far but she had done her best to cover it with her curly black hair she was thin but obviously had to work to keep her figure, and her clothes were tailored to fit the body she had plainly had been working so hard to uphold, she seemed unfazed by my lack of response and plowed right on.

"Tell us what you know," she demanded.

I sat, what was I supposed to say, I knew nothing, I had no idea of what was going on, who this woman was, where I was-In total, this woman had asked me a stupid and impossible question so I didn't answer.

"Very well," she said turning on her heel and heading back from a small opening I hadn't noticed before.

Weird, I thought, I had been sure that I had scoured the entire wall, how had I missed this door?

"Wait!" I surprised myself in saying.

She turned eyebrow raised in question.

"Why are you doing this, who are you?" the woman turned once more and the door slid shut behind her.

I began to cry as the lights, once again were switched off, and I was left alone in my cage, with the eyes of my captors all around me.

A man entered this time- through a diffrent side than the woman I had short blond hair buzzed down to almost nothing and long thin he took me by the arm and led me out of the men and wemon who had been watching me followed me with there gazes as I left.I swear that I could still feel them on my back as the man escorted me down the hall way at a brisk pace.

"Sir," I said softly.

He didn't answer me.

"Sir," I said again.

"Shut up," he ordered and we fell back into silence.

We passed room after room the glances of other cells I stole all contained the odd glass observing chambers some even held more than one child, other's like mine, only holding one, the strange people watching them while they slept and cryed, jotting down quick notes onto there clipboards, one room held a little boy of about five or six years had curly white blond hair and a missing front tooth, the room in which he was held in had the lights turned off,but he didn't seem to notice, he just stared out and I felt his eyes as they connected with mine.I didn't know how he could see me, but his gaze somehow conforted me in a way I can't explain.

After what felt like years of walking the man led me into a room that held a bunch of work out equpiment, and beside every machine a computer with a monotor on it was attached by little sensors to kids of all different ages, every child was working out on the machines as a scientist recorded their resluts, all with the Central Intelligence Angency logo written on the pockets.

"Sit," said the man.

He pointed to a white chair in a corner. He didn't look at me just began connecting the wires to my arms and chest after a while he pointed to a treadmill, which I obdiently went to.

"Run," he commanded, and I obeyed.

Many sprints later a boy of about my age came to the treadmill beside me, and began to run under the instruction of the woman who had been asking me the questions, he looked over at me, and I felt myself blush, he was gorgeous, with shaggy black hair that curled at the nape of his neck, slightly slanted dark green eyes, and long curling lashes that looked over at me wearily, and I dreaded to think about what he must of thought of me, a tall girl with freakishly big eyes, even bigger lips, dark African American skin, and a clumsy jog, but his eyes showed nothing as he looked at me and then quickly glanced away.

I couldn't wait till the day, when once again those eyes were foucused on me.

I found myself staring out into the darkness of my cell for what must have been the umpteenth time in what felt like millions of days. I closed my eyes, where I found more darkness staring back at me from behind my lids. I couldn't cry anymore, I thought to myself. What was the point, there was no escape, no freedom. How dare they run test after test, but leave me with absolutely no answers as to why? I found a feeling then, an emotion I had forgotten in the prison.


I stood up, hands in front of myself groping around for the wall. Once found,I screamed, throwing myself at it. Pounding my fists with an animalistic fury I didn't know I possessed. My voice echoed around the room, reverberating off the walls in a chorus of frustration. I don't know what I was saying, I don't think it matters. I was mad.

I screamed until my voice was numb, pounded until my fists bled, and just as it had came, the anger was wrenched from me and I crumpled.

And I suddenly found myself somewhere else entirely.

I felt like I was floating, looking down on something. Beneath me a long glass table held twenty some odd men and women, each dressed to the nines debating loudly over something.

"It's wrong, they're just kids, they're not ready for this, its not there fault that-" said a woman in orange but she was cut off by an older man probably in his late forties in a navy bluesuit, who was angrily guestering to the closed blinds all around the room, " They expect us to come up with a solution Linda, people are dying, and these kids may be our last chance. There's nothing we can do without them, we're running out of time, soon we..." he let his voice drift off, leaving the room filled with an awkward silence.

I turned my head to hear the next voice, I couldn't really see the man who sat at the head of the table, which somewhat disturbed me, everyone else's faces seemed to be so clearly explained here, where was here? Where am I, and why am I not really that concerned?

"Then you know what we must do council, and we all know why we must do it. The selected must each for fill their tasks in the last hope for salvation."

He, I could only assume because his face seemed to be surround by shadow, seemed to look right at me as he said the words that chilled for a reason I can not explain.

"They hold our live in their hands,"

My eyes popped open and I found myself staring out into a surprising light, the woman stood over me her eyes bright with curiosity at her new toy," What did you see?"

I tried to calm my shaking hands as i stared at her, but failed miserably.

"What?" I pretended to ask with sincerity.

"Don't play with me kid, I don't have time for this, I know you had a vision, now tell me what you saw, now!"

A vision? What does that mean, had that, that whatever it was I'd just experienced been a vision?

She grabbed my wrist, which caused me to cry out with a whimper.

"Tell me now,"

And I stared up at her, eyes wide with fright.