The Ghost Of She

My tears fall pass the heavy storm

And memories are standing on my platform

You took me then committed a crime

Stabbing me as I ran out of time

The body's remains burnt, with ashes flying away in the wind

Thank you for letting me be free and not trashing me in the bin

Numbers cross your mind making you spin out of control

Now who's treating you like a doll

It's my turn as a ghost to return the favour

I'll make you drip with blood so you can taste your own flavour

I hear you whisper she's back

Stuff the coffin; you're going in the sack

I'll haunt you til your last day

I Hope you scream when you get afraid

Just stop running away

I'm gonna catch you with no say

Wait no one's looking

I can start killing

I might cry while you die

But it doesn't matter love is a lie

You lay there frozen in fear

Crying blood with your tear

Stop being the man I want

If you keep looking I'll have to haunt

Death is not meant for you

So why are you here doing what you do?

I am the ghost with a body of two

You called out the ghost of she

I assume that's me

How long until this ends

Because we were such good friends

Its time end with a bang

While the ghost of sang

Your now on of use

The ones who were burnt from crust