Language arts is a crazy time of random thoughts and perverted jokes. You can see why it gets tiresome real quick.

I sat in my chair, attempting to read my favorite book series, Septimus Heap. It was rather impossible with all the annoying people talking and such.

Our teacher, Ms. Hamilton, wasn't even trying to teach today because we were supposed to read, what with it being Wednesday and all. Wednesday's were SSR day, super silent reading or something else like that. I wished it were silent, these people talking were going to drive me crazy.

"Avery? You look like you're gonna kill someone," my friend, Nikole, said. I looked up from my book at the blonde.

"I will if you don't get out of here!" I snapped.

"Damn girl. You PMSing or something?" she asked. At that point I had had enough.

Before anyone could notice what I was doing, I had pulled out my pocket knife and slashed her throat out.

Someone screamed, causing me to turn around and throw the knife at them. Everyone screamed, and someone called the police. I sighed and killed everyone with my knife.

Afterwards, I sprouted wings out of my back and flew off to Candy Mountain.