Your Love is a Weapon

Inspired by the song 'D is for Dangerous' by Allison Iraheta. The line "Your love is a weapon and it's hurting me to death" inspired this idea.

"I don't love you..." she whispered, anger touching her voice as she began to get irritated. He had been asking every week, exactly at midnight on Sunday. Even when she changed her phone number, even when she took different routes home from school, he found her to ask her. The boy was slightly older than her with jet black hair that was cropped short. He had pale skin and long fingernails that were painted white. His jeans were faded and a bit torn at the knees, hanging loosely at the knees and at his feet, which were always bare no matter where he went. The way he sat, his slim body hunched over with his knees brought up to his toned chest, it was so strange. His eyes were a piercing green and had slits like a cats, prowling and observing. She had met him outside of school and he never said a word to her until that same Sunday, at midnight, when she was out with friends and they were near the school. The first words he spoke were that he loved her, and his voice was so bone chilling, so medium pitched and nonchalant, as if it was a casual greeting. The pattern just continued...

Leia, as she was known, always detested Sundays, just wanting time to stop at 11:59 and then it'd be the next day, no phone call or meeting that would make her uneasy. Weeks, months, years, how long would it go on? She began to become so paranoid that she'd meet the Cat-eyed boy who was so strangely alluring, it was like his presence was almost intoxicating. It just made her think that it was his sick method of trying to drug her, to get her vulnerable. She wouldn't give him that pleasure. Surely enough, as she left school, he was sitting there, on the old wooden bench directly across from the large school building that was constructed with brown and red bricks. The bench wouldn't make a sound, even though it was old and he was always shifting to watch her walk away. No one even knew his name. It was like no one else acknowledged him.

"Can you return my feelings?" he asked again at midnight, his voice laced with a persuasive tone. It was as if he was waiting for acceptance, though acting like a stalker wasn't the best way to do it. The phone calls didn't even surprise her anymore, didn't even make her flinch. Even though her heart beat sped up a bit at the sound of his voice, the thrill of his chase, her answer always remained as 'no'. It was like a game of cat and mouse, literally.

Months, it has gotten to that point. For nine weeks straight, the same question was driving her insane. She had even felt inclined to say 'yes' a few times. The thought of it all had made her lose sleep, made her stop caring about others, it focused all of her attention on him. Maybe that was what he wanted, the sick game he was trying to get at. She'd find out because she'd ask him on the upcoming Sunday, she'd know his intentions soon enough.

That Sunday, there was no sign of the cat-eyed boy, not outside of the school at least. Leia watched the clock that night, making sure to stay by the phone, watching as the minutes ticked by.

11:56pm... 11:58pm... Midnight. There was so ringing, no beeping, no vibration of a phone, nothing. For once, silence on a Sunday night. Leia didn't let out a sigh of relief though, not even once. Why didn't he call? Why didn't he show up that day?

Days went by until the next Sunday came. Maybe he was just taking a break to see how she reacted, to see if she was so obsessed with him that she'd try to find him. Go to school, listen to the lessons, collect her homework, leave the school, find the Cat-eyed boy- but he was not there again. That night, at Midnight exactly, her TV was on, the light flickering against her smooth face that had become a bit sickly looking. His picture suddenly appeared on the screen and the only words she could hear from the reporter were "Found dead", "Jumped in front of a car", "Presumed suicide". Not possible... right?

Cats must really only have nine lives. Nine weeks, each life spent to get an unrequited love to turn around and speak the words he wanted to hear.

Leia began to panic, her mind so far gone and twisted by his actions, she couldn't deal with it anymore. Her hair fell to the ground as she cut it, the black strands much like his, but longer. Even that didn't work to get rid of the heavy weight she felt on her shoulders. Her petite figure, short for her age, and slim, was continuing to deteriorate. The eighteen year old was lost, and way beyond any help that therapy could provide.

"You can't be gone..." she whispered, staring at the bench, her digital watch beeping against her wrist as Midnight hit. That same night when she had tried to cut her hair and get rid of some of the weight on her shoulders, she made the final decision to end it all. The 45' caliber pistol was shaking in her hand before her arm raised slowly and she felt the cool metal against her head. Her finger trembled before she slowly, carefully, pushed the trigger back. One little sound, not even a scream, and the casing on the bullet was implanted in her skull, blood splattering over the bench as her small body fell easily to the ground, the gun falling to the side.

The sky was dark and there were no sounds around her limp corpse, not even the sound of crickets. A few seconds passed and a small, black cat walked by slowly, jumping onto Leia's back and licking at the wound to her head with its sandpaper tongue. The eyes, a piercing green in the darkness.

His love was a weapon, and it hurt her to death.