Who here knows exactly who they are?
Do you know who, what, when, where, and why
You do what you do
and you like what you like
and you love
who you love?

I don't.

'Cause I have strayed from every path
ever set out for me
but I have stayed with every single person who has hurt me
and I have prayed for everyone who's ever been real close to me
whether I believed in God that day or not, you see

'Cause I walk around in the streets looking for signs
and it kills me every time I don't see one that says "go"
when it doesn't say "hope"
when it doesn't say "whoa,
this is awesome,
please tell me more,"
I want to know more
I want to hope more
I want to go more
I want to soar, be hot to the core
with ideas and feelings that mean so much more
than a sign that just says,

See, I believe in believing.
It may or not be achieving
but believing means not grieving
and certainly not leaving
what you love behind
'cause you'll never find you
which means you can never accomplish what you set out to do.
And if you can't do that, then where are you at?
If you still listen to fear, then why are you here?
Why am

See, I'm afraid of a hundred things
like terrorists and the commitment that comes with diamond rings
I'm afraid of being rejected
And being reflected
In a mirror that says I should be rejected
I'm afraid of standing here in front of you
I'm baring my soul, and for me, this is new
I'm afraid you might judge me or what you might do
but I gotta say, being here,
This is

I am
You are
We are beautiful
And more than that we are whole, we are gold
And I will not be sold
On an idea that says we are anything less
'Cause I know we're the best
See, this is our test
We've got a chance to clean up this mess.

And I know I've been asking, "Who are we?"
But maybe I should ask, who will we be?
'Cause we are the future and now, you see
This is all about you and me.

As for me, I believe we're gonna end up on top
'Cause I don't know about you, but I won't