"John, what are you doing?" McKenzie questioned.

"Recording." He smiled.

Walking closer he zoomed in on her face.

"Don't record me!" She screeched.

"Why not?" He laughed. Zooming out he took in her whole appearance as she started to rant.

"It's 8 o'clock in the morning and I look like crap!"

"No, you don't." He smiled, sitting on her bed.

Kenzie sat up and peered past the camera at John. She sat there in a black cami and shorts, her hair falling out of its ponytail.

"How ya doin' Sleeping Beauty?" John asked, Kenzie just sneered.

"Why are you up so early?" She asked while fluffing her pillows.

"Intervieeew." He sipped his coffee.

"Niice." She laughed. "But why did you wake me up?!"

Squishing back down under her covers she waited for his response.

"Cause…. Drum roll please?!" Tapping his feet to the floor. "They want to interview you too!"

"Huh?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Something about being the band's best friend." He shrugged.

"Hmm…" She bit her lip, thinking.

"Whatcha thinkin' about?" John asked, pulling at her toes.

"How do they even know me?" She looked up at him, confusion evident on her face.

"Well, you're in a lot of our video updates, photos, blog posts, Twitter. And we even talk about you!" He pulled her toes again, smiling.

"Okay…" She laughed. "What time is the interview?"


"Ugh!!" She whined, flopping back onto her pillows.

"Time to get up!" John yelled.

"But I don't wanna!" She whined, crawling further beneath her covers.

Standing up he set the coffee cup on her bedside table.

"Here's your coffee, Indy."

"Thanks, Irish." She smiled, snuggling against her pillow.