A/N: Crap crap crap. Worst piece of crap I've ever written. Possibly worst piece of crap ever written by ANYONE. Even worse than "We Built This City," the worst song known to man. I didn't even want to post it at first, but I guess I will and let you think what you want about it. I just sorta felt like I needed to post something.

29 Days (Things I Can't Change)

You were born
29 days into January
Just this side of '94.

And it snowed
'Til two days into February
Just this side of blizzard storm.

You were small
We all knew you'd grow up tall
Just this side of five-foot-ten.

You were young
And always out looking for trouble
Just as young ones often do.

You grew up
29 days into January
Just one year since 2010.

And now I'm chasing you
I'm just this side of catching up.

I was born
31 days into August
In the midst of '94.

Seven months
And 2 days since January
Just this side of your own age.

I can't change
All these things in our lives
And I can't help but fall for you.

Cuz all these things
Make me want you so much
Come to my side of the hill.

The grass is green
And the sunshine warms us
Just this side of sunny skies.

I hope one day
29 days into March or April
You will marry me.