Kelly looked up at the man who had just paid for her by check at the charity auction, her fate now in the hands of the man who employed her.

She had been the third one up on the block wearing a Vera Wang gown and dark Chanel heels and underneath, pricy lingerie from the exclusive Victoria Secret collection. The whole thing had been for some charity organization that built medical clinics and hospitals in developing nations and when Sofia, the chair of the fundraising committee had hit her up to put herself up for bid, she hadn't been able to say no.

Not that she could say no to the first person to have hired her out of Stanford School of Law…not when she needed to raise over $500,000 to build a new women and girls' health clinic in Chad.

So she had volunteered, she had worn the clothes donated by the various designers and those she could keep, if she managed to achieve a bid among the minimum set of $10,000.

Thrown in would be the diamond necklace around her neck…simple in its elegance it was still worth a few pretty pennies. She had spent the afternoon getting massages donated by a posh day spa and her hair washed and styled by Vidal Sassoon protégés. Manicures and a pedicure to spiff her up, before she put on the lightly studded thigh highs underneath her gown…she wanted to look her best because all the top social columnists would be there.

She just had no idea that Dallas would show up at the Beverly Wilcox…let alone to bid…and god, on her…to catch the final bid before the final tapping of the gavel by the auctioneer. He looked smashing in his Armani suit, his black tie and his rugged looks untamed by his genteel outfit. Dallas could gear up with a backpack and three days of grit and climb the tallest summits, rappel down the sheerest cliffs and dive deep into the graveyard of ships in the depths of oceans.

But he could also preside over a board meeting or a corporate project. He could climb on a Lear Jet in the morning in L.A. and get off half an earth's rotation later and be the guest of honor at a state dinner. She had heard excited whispers in the break lounge at the office suite that he would still have enough energy to hit the posh clubs with a martini and a willing woman on her knees in front of him.

Of course, that might just be rumor…but occasionally when she wasn't worried about having to finish a high profile report for him to inspect or sit in a meeting next to him and back him up with on the spot information she thought about what it might be like to fuck him.

To be that woman kneeling before him as he slipped in and out of her mouth, throwing his head back as she suckled on the crown of his erection….or even better to have his mouth between her thighs as he worshiped her nether parts….she had to stop with the fantasizing or she wouldn't get anything done.

When she stood up on the block as the emcee essentially combined both her professional resume and her body measurements in one breathless spiel, she had looked out and saw him standing there with a Scotch in his hand and his dark eyes on her.

Oh god…he wasn't going to…was he going to throw his own bid in the mix? Her mind played with the what ifs involved and her panties began to dampen in anticipation.

This was silly really because she wasn't going to have sex with the man who bought her. She wasn't a prostitute after all…not even for the night…not even for charity.

But there he stood clearly sizing her up…judging by the pensive look on his tanned face and the way he stood there, his arms casually folded after he put his glass down. The lights dimmed and the spotlight turned on her as she walked the ramp like a model, swaying her body a little because after all…if she got the bidding crowd of men worked up…more money for bidding on her…and more money for charity so that Sofia could meet her fundraising goal.

All good…and out of it, she'd get this snazzy wardrobe and a fun evening out on the town with some of L.A.'s wealthiest bachelors.

But who would the winner be…could it be….and after the dust had cleared and even she had to wait to see who won…it was Dallas.

She licked her lips as she watched him come and claim his purchase after he had whipped out a check for…$25,000. Wow, she thought, as the audience cheered and applauded the bid and the winner. But she felt nervous…because she worked for him and the way he looked at her…damn he had no interest in some platonic date...

Her panties tugged at her pussy as she moved to get off the stage and he had held out his hand, helping her step down, before she stood in front of him.

"I guess you won me…"

He studied her face for a long moment…his eyes not leaving hers and she felt if she weren't careful…then he reached forward with a couple of fingers and caressed a lock off of her face but not before tugging it gently.


Damn, she was in serious trouble here…already. He studied her as if he were really looking at her for the first time…taking in her attributes…almost as if he were touching them.

"So how do you show a girl a good time?"

He tilted his face.

"You'll see…but tonight I'm just Dallas…I'm not the man who hired you…who you work for…the one you see at the office…I'm the one…"

He bent his face to her ear.

"I'm the one who's going to fuck you."

She nearly fell off of her heels as she looked at him trying to contain her shock…and her pleasure…good god…somewhere inside of her she sung…at the thought that he wanted her…enough to have paid that much money…yeah maybe she should have been offended that he had bought her to have her…but she was too turned on at this point to even think about the moral implications.

At least not until later…when she came back down to earth…because damn, she knew he'd be good. He was built like an athlete but not one who trained inside…but who had built his body through his outdoor adventures. His ass was finely sculpted with muscle and sheathed by his pants…at least for now.

But he tucked his arm inside hers and beckoned at her to follow him out of the ballroom and towards the gold plated elevators.

"Where are we going…?"

He cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Where do you think?"

She smiled.

"No pleasantries first," she asked, "no conversation?"

He shook his head as they waited for the elevator. The doors opened and they got inside and she gazed at him, not knowing to expect because he seemed like an animal caged…and not for the first time either. He turned toward her and touched her diamond necklace, the fabric of her gown.

"Nice…beautiful even…but not as much as you…"

She knew a line when she heard one but she asked flattered…it wasn't too hard because even with all his intensity, he could be a charmer.

"I bet you say that to all the women you buy at auction…"

His eyes darkened and he caressed her bare arm.

"Not all are as lovely you…and I can't wait to get those clothes off of you."

She could imagine herself standing naked in front of him, her nipples hardened and maybe only wearing her heels as he kissed her on the mouth, taking ownership of her…at least for the night. The thought of him holding onto her waist while his lips traveled down her body, flickering on her nipples, darting in and out of her navel and when he got down lower…oh her pussy hummed at the thought of his mouth, his tongue…there…while she arched her back from the pleasure.

Licking her lips at the thought of it…didn't appeal as much…as what reality could bring. She watched him closely as he released her and then leaned towards the console to press a button that brought them to a jolting stop. She looked at him in question, but her insides shivered at what she knew would happen…because men only pushed that button in transit for one reason…

"We don't have much time until someone tries to use the elevator…come here…"

She heard the urgency in his voice and felt a charge in the confines of the car. After she stepped closer, he grabbed hold of her, and slammed her against the side of the elevator wall.

Oh god, she almost felt the wind knocked out of her as he pressed his body hungrily against her own and damn, he felt hard, his muscle tensed and she could feel the power held in check inside of him…waiting to explode.

His lips claimed hers in a quick movement that shocked her with its stealth, but she wrapped her arms around him as he flicked his tongue lightly caressing her lips before he seared his mouth against the soft plumpness of her lips. Oh god, the manner that he took her with just his mouth, what a turn off as her pussy dampened and her body shivered even more as he didn't give her an inch to move as he took her mouth as she knew he'd take her body.

The man who could be decisive even ruthless in controlling a business merger brought some of that flavor to his bed…or against the wall of an elevator.

"Oh God, Kelly…"

He groaned and she knew that she drove him to it…not sure how long but he pushed against her more insistently, his hands pressing into the wall on either side of her as his body held her fast. She tasted his mouth with her own tongue tentatively and then her mouth began to explore his and when he pressed against her pliant lips with his insistent tongue, this time she let him breach her mouth and stroke the inside of it.

That almost made her lose control right there, and she dared meet his tongue with her own and they stroked each other…sending delightful chills through her. She started working on his tux, pushing him away enough to make it clear to him she wanted some of his clothes off of him…the jacket…which he slipped out of him leaving his silk shirt. She rubbed her hands against it over his chest and felt his nipples harden beneath it and his breath quicken.

He moved his hands to unzip her gown and she heard the zipper saw through the dress material and she felt a jolt of excitement as a feathery draft of air caught her bare skin on her back. He pushed the sleeves off of her dress and it fell to the floor.

His eyes widened as she stood before him in a fleshy bra with tiny studs and a wisp of matching panties…her pussy barely contained…and her breasts…they struggled to be free…

"I've got to see them…"

He kissed her again while he unhooked her bra in the front and her creamy colored breasts with rosy pink nipples sprung out and in front of him. She knew he wanted to taste them, to suck on them and she groaned at the vision that came to her, at the sensations which would jolt to her pussy.


He knew what she wanted but it would have to wait…he had to have her…he had to take her now…and let her take him inside of her. She looked at him, bare on top with only her panties, left besides her teasing thigh highs and heels…she looked so damn hot…he felt his erection strain against his pants…as he took her mouth again..and then inches away from her face, their eyes locked on each other, counting each other's breath, he took hold of her panties with a couple of fingers on each hand and deftly pulled them down her legs…unveiling her dark blonde curls that hid most of her pussy…though he could make out her vulva…glistening with dew.

His mouth watered…but to satisfy it by tasting her…feasting on her pussy…that would have to wait until later…because…his erection threatened to unleash itself. She smiled at him softly.

"Let me…"

She unzipped his pants and freed his cock…which loomed large both in its length and its sheer girth…the crown glistened with its own juice and she held onto the shaft stroking it softly…longingly.

Because she wanted to taste him too, for him to slide that luscious head inside of her mouth so she could wrap her lips around him and control the pace.

He couldn't wait and neither could he…he leaned against her, his erection stabbing her pelvis…and she gasped as his musk reached her.

"Do I need anything…?"

She looked up at him…and shook her head.

"I'm on the pill and I'm healthy…and you…"

"So am I….one less thing to distract us…"

His mouth settled on hers and they really tasted each other this time as he grabbed her waist and lifted her up so she could grab hold of him with her lithe legs as well as her arms. The lacy of the thigh highs caressed the bare skin they sheathed every time she squeezed his hips with her thighs.

She waited for him to take her but when he did, with a powerful thrust inside of her, she caught her breath. Her pussy had ached to feel him but it burned when he stretched its walls in order so he'd fit snugly inside her warm moistness.

"You okay…cause you feel fucking great…"

She sighed against him...with his penis wedged inside of her already developing some delightful friction.

"Then feel great fucking me…"

He needed no further invitation as he flexed his powerful ass and thrust deeply inside of her before withdrawing like a low tide and then rushing inside of her again. She felt so damn good tightening around him and he plunged in deeper.

"Harder…faster…," she urged in a breathless whisper.

He thrust into her and her body pressed against the unyielding wall of the elevator and she knew later she'd feel bruised but right now all she felt was him stroking her deliciously and her orgasm building. She had to come…because she felt him inside of her getting ready to climax.

He pumped harder and faster and she held onto him tighter, moaning words she forgot as soon as they left her lips. And then just like that, she exploded, into hundreds of shards of the most exquisite pleasure…racing through her insides…all over, pursued by a blast of heat. He arched his own back and his moans mixed with her cries as his erection convulsed and then his warm juices shot inside of her, as he slowed his thrusting down still pinning her against the wall.

Their hearts race and she mewed as she felt his mouth on her again in a sealing kiss…they remained joined together for a long moment until she gently released her grip on him and they disentangled themselves still holding onto each other.

"Oh god…that was intense…"

She gazed over as he finally leaned against the wall, his erection softening as he deftly placed it back in his pants.


He handed her back her panties and she put them on…feeling suddenly very wet with their combined juices. Then the reality of what had happened just hit her..and she thought she had just fucked Dallas…and she wanted to do it again…when her energy came back….she thought as she put on her bra and her dress and he zipped her up again.

"Well we'd better put this elevator back in service…I'm surprised it didn't start moving while we were going at it."

She smiled at the thought…now that would be embarrassing and might scandalize the worthwhile auction so better to have not…she watched as he pushed the button and it started moving again.

Upward…to the penthouse floor….she looked at him quizzically.

"Where are we going?"

He smiled at her picking up his jacket.

"Up to the suite that's waiting…I've got champagne, chilled and some strawberries…and 1000 square feet I want to fuck you over every square inch of…beginning with the nice large bed…"

She swallowed noisily.


He touched her mouth with his finger.

"You think fucking you now is going to do it? I'm in this for the weekend…and then after that…we'll come up with something…"

The elevator door clanged its arrival and it opened revealing a lobby leading towards what she knew to be some of the most exclusive suites in the city of exclusivity.

She geared up for the weekend ahead…thinking it just might be the most exciting couple of days and nights of her life.