Trying to get this sinking feeling off my chest.

Can't even rhyme though I'm trying my best!

Dealing with words is my business.

Now I can't form sentences, it's such a mess!

Worst part is I don't know what's wrong!

Wanna get it out but can't find the perfect song!

So I'm stuck with this gnawing feeling in my heart!

I should have slept through it right from the start!

Someone please help me feel better,

I'm trying my best to hold it all together.

But I feel like I'll explode any moment.

I don't know where all my energy went!

Now I sit away from the world, in a corner,

I'm starting to think that maybe I'm bipolar…

How else would you explain this sudden mood swing?

Feeling bad without reason is not my thing!

I feel like something is choking my throat.

A few more minutes, and I'm sure I'll explode.