I'd know I'm over you

The day I'd delete you from my phone;

The day my heart won't jump

When I hear the message tone.

Someday I'd stop waiting

For your call while crying in pain,

Someday I'd stop going through

Your texts again and again.

Someday I won't smile

When I see your number flash.

Someday your emails

Would end up in my trash.

I'll delete your number from my cell

And bid all your texts farewell.

The memories were erased long back,

Now the mementos too would fade to black.

One day my phone would be waiting

For a call from someone new.

I'd know I'm over you.

One day I'd do all of these

No matter how hard they seem.

The day I'd delete you from my life,

I know my heart would cease to scream.

My heart's not a phone,

So things can't happen in the blink of an eye!

I'd take the path you showed me-

I'd text you goodbye.

The painful text still glares at me

When I go to my inbox and scroll.

Simple misspelled words in bad grammar

Set my tears on a roll.

Tonight I just took the first step

And put it on delete.

And now I'm happy, I can just feel it!

Some other day

I'd go the rest of the way

And do all the other things I need to do.

And I'd know I'm over you…