Lets forget that we learned it,
Pretend we never heard of it.
Play music to loud because of it
And wear too much in spite of it.

Lets do nothing about it
Instead of something.

This time no one look,
Then nobody has to see.

This time don't say it!
That way when you
Talk you won't be saying
Nothing at all.

Don't read everything.
In fact, don't read a lot of it,
And skip pages sometimes!
It's good for the imagination.

Don't say anything about it.
This time just look and smile.
Don't breath a verb or
Swallow a vowel.


Raise your nouns like arms!
Adjectives and adverbs mossy time.
Pronouns like rain and streets
Where ampersands drive too fast!

A metaphor is like a simile.

Don't fall for it.