There is only one me.

There is only one you.

We all have a fascinating ability to be separate, to be an individual, to release our true creativity that each soul harbors inside.

But most of us choose not to.

No, we choose to be afraid. And we choose to be afraid of the wrong thing. I was afraid for years. And to be honest, a part of me is still afraid about some things.

But what exactly are we afraid of?

Why do we wear these mask, decorated and sparkled with conformity, and colored with the desperation to be beautiful?

Have we forgotten that we are already beautiful?

The mask worn may be comfortable on the outside, but I'm sure your inside is screaming for release, for a fresh breath of free air, the freedom rightfully deserved to be inhaled.

There is nothing to fear but God.

You have a soul, a soul so unique and gorgeous,

A soul whose true colors will surely radiate the world with its beauty.

It may take time to find yourself. But when you do, I hope it's the real you.

There is only one me.

There is only one you.

Make you count.