Dreams... Ever wonder if they could be a parallel of reality?


On a hot summer day,
During some lost time in late May,
I come home from my jog,
And head to my bed, my vision blurred by fog.
Never before had I felt so weary.
I lie down upon the mattress, my eyes becoming teary.
I'm begging for sleep to take me,
And my last memory is of the humming of a nearby bee.

My dreams come to me fast.
But unbeknownst to me, it will be my last.
I feel the scorching heat of the Sun,
And realize that I'm on one of my usual runs.
I try to lift my head but I find my stare glued to my feet.
As my legs proceed with their continuous movement, I can hear my loud heartbeat.
I watch my steps carefully but quickly lose count.

How long have I been running?—Time is something that I have not been counting.
Each second feels like hours—much too tiresome an amount.
Suddenly I hear a voice in my mind,
Calling out to me, firm, but kind.
"Take a closer look at your shoes," it says, "at those tightly drawn crisscrossing seams."
To see clearly I must squint, for this is but a dream.
The image becomes clear, and like the voice tells me to, I settle my gaze on the laces.
Though my limbs continue to move, I began to see the traces.
The cord is slipping, slowly but surely, slipping out of its perfectly tied knot,
And my desperate efforts to bend down to tighten them are for naught.

Panic stricken, my energy drains but I cannot stop.
My legs do not halt even when I'm about to drop.
Looser and looser they get, yet I am powerless to change
Something which I am unable to rearrange.
That is life.
The strings of my life are gradually becoming undone.
Unfortunately, this is the one thing I cannot outrun.
All I can do is watch as my life ebbs away,
Just like the painful dream where you can only look down as your laces fall into disarray.

I want to kick and scream and cry and yell.
Amidst my frustrated fit, the voice comes back again, and so I say, "Do tell."
It talks to me once more, "Do not fight it anymore, it will only hurt more if you persist to stay."
I am sad but I feel the overwhelming warmth, and so I obey.
Even after the eternity I suffered, I am able to realize that I have always been—and always will be—watched over by that gentle glow.

I finally let go.