All throughout the town sirens rang sending fear and shock into every home. Parents rushed into their children's rooms hoping to protect their children from the great obscenity the alarms warned them of. Once again the Porn Alarms sounded. Some pervert hidden inside their lovely, conservative, GATED community was looking at pornography. Thus the alarms, connected to every computer, in every home, in every room, sounded anytime any pornographic content was displayed.

Whenever the alarms sounded the neighborhood watch would go to whichever house set off the alarm, and quickly make record of the content being viewed and apprehend the viewer. The locks on the community network would then be tightened to further exclude whatever pornography had slipped through the filters. The viewer would then be sent to community rehabilitation. No one was really sure what occurred during rehabilitation other than the neighborhood council. But that was fine, the neighborhood council hadn't changed in over five hundred years, surely the circle of immortal religious leaders had amassed great wisdom in all their years. The rehabilitated member =s of the community were always like new people whenever they returned, always so different from their greatly perverted ways.

That, and there was always one lock of hair that was dyed bright pink, so someone could always tell who set off the porn alarm.